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AI Lessons (06:38)


Margaret Boden discusses how artificial intelligence has revealed the subtly, power, and richness of the human mind. The AlphaGo program exemplifies deep machine learning based on a neural network model. It beat Go champion Lee Sedol in 2016.

AI vs. Human Learning (05:55)

Deep learning is only possible if computers have millions of data input items; humans can learn through a single example. AlphaGo learned through reinforcement learning and improved computer power and speed. Learn about back propagation in neural networks.

Learning Language (04:27)

AI programs rely on word clouds, rather than direct dictionary translation. They are increasingly able to use context to disambiguate words with multiple meanings. They look for word patterns, but do not understand or draw conclusions from language.

Betrayal Example (08:08)

Boden uses the sentence "my husband betrayed me" to illustrate the limited capacity of AI language programs to understand sentiment or emotion. Comprehension depends on previous knowledge of semantic structures and contexts.

Human Relevance (03:29)

Hear a sample sentence using syntax that AI programs cannot interpret. Human understanding, creativity and subtly have yet to be programmed. Boden does not believe AI will match general human intelligence by 2030.

Credits: Mechanisms of the Mind: How AI Will Transform Memory (00:20)

Credits: Mechanisms of the Mind: How AI Will Transform Memory

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Mechanisms of the Mind: How AI Will Transform Memory

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How might A.I. radically change how we think about memory, learning and language? Cognitive scientist Margaret Boden reveals the latest insights on minds and machines.

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