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Cyberbullying (01:35)


Vogue Williams uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook professionally. She is interested in how trolling is affecting Ireland's legal and justice system, and whether social media companies should regulate content.

#Metoo Movement (03:10)

Actresses accuse Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault. Los Angeles demonstration organizer Brenda Gutierrez discusses finding her voice and holding perpetrators accountable. She sees the movement as providing resources for survivors.

Trial by Social Media (03:03)

Irish Times journalist Una Mullally follows the #Metoo trend. Online platforms provide people with tools for confronting their attackers, but fail to protect privacy. They also shield emotional reactions, facilitating trolling.

Confronting Child Sexual Abusers (03:42)

A vigilante group sets up decoy online profiles to catch predators. They use Facebook live when meeting them in person to expose their identities.

Free Speech vs. Fair Trial (02:39)

Lawyer Andrea Martin has concerns about online vigilante groups undermining the prosecution process. Grooming laws forbid the intent of meeting a child for sexual exploitation. She confirms that defamation laws protect against cyberbullying; victims should collect evidence.

Critiques for #Metoo (04:29)

Journalist Ella Whelan believes feminism has become an identity, rather than a movement for women's liberation. She sees women as exploiting #Metoo for trivial complaints and adopting victim roles. She objects to women trying to overturn rape court rulings.

Social Media First Amendment Case (02:54)

Juli Briskman lost her government contract position after an AFP photograph of her giving Trump's motorcade the middle finger went viral. She has filed a wrongful dismissal suit.

"The Makeup Fairy" (03:11)

Fashion and beauty blogger Joanne Larby has been targeted by an anonymous troll to the point of losing brand sponsorship. They criticize her use of filters and Photoshop. She is willing to dialogue, if they identify themselves.

Reputation Defender (03:33)

Tony McChrystal's company creates new, positive content for clients to counteract negative content found on Google searches. Celebrity clients spend thousands to improve their digital footprint.

Child Abuse Sting Operation (03:44)

A new law criminalizes traveling to meet a child for sexual exploitation. Williams accompanies a vigilante group member that has been posing as a 14-year-old to meet an alleged sexual predator. The event is broadcast live on Facebook.

Judgmental Society (03:49)

Social media provides a platform for anonymous scrutiny. Author Ziyad Marar argues that humans evolved social emotions to cooperate. He compares trolling to road rage; algorithms reinforce bias and tribalism. He believes new norms will emerge to regulate free expression.

Coping with Online Abuse (03:35)

Williams tries not to react emotionally to negative comments. Female bloggers discuss how they handle trolling; one woman intentionally posts semi-nude photos to challenge her self-confidence. Parental shaming and revenge porn are among the most difficult abuse forms for women.

Men's Voices Ireland (04:03)

David Walsh believes social media campaigns are inappropriate forums for investigating sexual offenses. He sees #Metoo as a witch hunt. Women who object to the movement have been attacked online.

Protecting the Justice System (03:38)

Irish Cultural Minister Josepha Madigan has introduced a bill to prevent prejudicial online commenting during a criminal trial. She references misinformation spread during the Belfast Rape Trial. Williams reflects on her love-hate relationship with social media.

Credits: Vogue: Trial by Social Media (00:52)

Credits: Vogue: Trial by Social Media

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What impact does social media have on justice? And how can it be policed? Vogue meets with men and women who have used social media to make their voices heard, and those whose lives have been almost ruined by a fall from grace online. Is social media creating tools for greater empowerment, or simply fuelling modern-day witch-hunts?

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