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Modern Romance (02:32)


While Vogue Williams is satisfied with her monogamous relationship, her friends cannot imagine being committed to one person. They discuss the utility of dating apps.

Modern Relationships in Ireland (03:09)

Relationship therapist Beth Wallace discusses increases in consensual non-monogamy and women prioritizing careers over partnerships. Learn about challenges for long-term monogamous and non-monogamous relationships.

Polyamory (05:03)

A young couple shares their experience with non-monogamy. They prefer not to categorize or label relationships, and believe many people desire alternatives to traditional monogamy. Williams argues that all types of relationships require honesty.

Dossie Easton (04:32)

The psychotherapist and relationship counselor are authors of "The Ethical Slut," a book on polyamory. Each relationship seeks its own level. Dossie reflects on unlearning jealousy and overcoming insecurities.

Polyamorous Family (08:00)

Evita and Kevin have been married for fourteen years. They describe the transition from monogamy, dealing with jealousy, and accepting their partners as individuals entitled to their own relationship experiences. They are open with their children about their marriage.

Managing Multiple Simultaneous Relationships (05:22)

Mary has a husband, a fiancé, and two boyfriends. She discusses their household dynamic, judgment, and splitting her time and emotional energy. Communication is important for mitigating jealousy.

Tinder Poster Boy (02:56)

Student Pete Kirk has the most swiped gay male profile on the dating app. He discusses its superficial nature and why he is still single.

Non-Monogamy and Sexual Health (02:40)

Dr. Derek Freedman says some STI rates are increasing; chlamydia and syphilis have no symptoms. Polyamory has accelerated in the digital era; sex has become almost a consumer item.

Illicit Affairs (05:34)

Williams meets a woman who only sleeps with married men. They agree on the terms of the affair and she sees her role as helping them save their marriage. Williams finds her lifestyle morally reprehensible.

Private Investigation (02:52)

Liam responds to women who suspect their husbands are having affairs. He discusses the investigation process; most cases confirm adultery.

Long-term Monogamy (06:12)

Mona and Des have been married for 56 years. They share what keeps their marriage harmonious. Mona's eyesight is failing; Des helps her apply makeup. Williams reflects on overcoming preconceived notions about non-monogamous relationships.

Credits: Vogue: Is Monogamy Dead? (00:53)

Credits: Vogue: Is Monogamy Dead?

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Has online dating made the idea of having one true soulmate unrealistic? In a society consumed by instant gratification and where something better could be just a swipe away, is monogamy a concept that is ready to be retired? Vogue investigates changing attitudes towards monogamy, meeting dating experts and millennials for whom finding a new partner takes just a few flirty message, and asks the question: is being spoilt for choice necessarily better than the age-old idea of ‘happily ever after’? On this very personal journey, Vogue explores how relationships and the concept of monogamy have changed over recent decades, comparing attitudes then and now and asking who is really better off - the generation where choice was limited to those you met at the local bar or the generation where there is another option just a swipe away?

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