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Meet the Panelists (01:40)


Author Helen Croydon, ethicist Naomi Goulder, and transhumanist Anders Sandberg will debate whether love fades after three years or can be everlasting.

The Pitch: Helen Croydon (03:12)

Croydon argues that long-term love does not exist, despite the "fairy tale" narrative permeating Western culture. Anthropologists studying the brains of new couples have found neurological similarities to addiction.

The Pitch: Naomi Goulder (01:41)

Goulder discusses Plato's view of love as universal, rather than particular to one partner. Eternal love involves inquiring into the nature of beauty and goodness.

The Pitch: Anders Sandberg (02:33)

Sandberg discusses the evolution of mating strategies and relationships among social mammals. Babies require extended parental care. Humans have the capacity to examine their emotional bonds.

Theme 1: What is Love? (08:50)

Croydon takes issue with expectations linking love to monogamy and cohabitation; people live independent lives in modern society. Sandberg argues that we are biologically inclined toward shorter relationships. Goulder proposes separating types of love and Croydon distinguishes romantic love from long-term companionship.

Theme 2: Why is Love so Fickle? (08:30)

Sandberg says that modern lifestyles provide anonymity for individuals to pursue multiple relationships. Unrequited love and heartbreak can cause health problems. Goulder discusses Plato's interpretation of eros; eternal love is unattainable. Croydon provides historical examples of marital love being impractical.

Theme 3: Would Romance Flourish if We Abandoned the Idea of Eternal Love? (07:32)

Sandberg argues that marriage should last as long as both partners are happy and willing to compromise. Croydon cites research showing relationships lasting long enough to raise children. Goulder talks about Plato's vision of love as educational and uplifting for society.

Credits: Love Story: Can Love Only Be Known in Short Doses? (00:23)

Credits: Love Story: Can Love Only Be Known in Short Doses?

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We want 'I love you' to mean forever. But neuroscientists claim that by three years into a relationship, romantic activity in the brain has ceased. Can we only know love in short doses? Should we accept romance as fleeting and abandon long term commitments, or can we outwit evolution and make love last? Screw the Fairytale author Helen Croydon joins ethicist Naomi Goulder and transhumanist Anders Sandberg to rethink romance.

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