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Marine Corps Sergeant Elizabeth Perez (03:52)


Sergeant Perez presents national colors to East Cleveland City Hall. Council members express appreciation for her service and support for gaining her husband's citizenship; Veronica Dahlberg requests a letter of resolution. The Perez family video chats with Marcos.

Immigration Attorney (06:44)

Perez meets with David Leopold, discussing her husband's case; he explains permanent bars resulting from secondary deportations. Thirteen years ago, Marcos was convicted of crimes, complicating his request for citizenship; missing his family, he considers entering illegally.

Migrant Workers' March (05:20)

Perez speaks at an event for undocumented laborers' rights, discussing the meaning of the Marine Corps motto. She reminds Hispanics that they are human, and empathizes with broken families.

Marcos' Life in Mexico (03:41)

Marcos left Mexico as a teenager. Two years after deportation, he is a top soccer referee and has reconnected with his little brother. who is not well received by the community.

Family Separation (03:11)

Perez reads a story to her children before ushering them upstairs so she can speak to her father about Marcos' case. He suggests they move outside the United States to reunite the family, but she is determined to stay.

College Commencement (03:12)

Perez graduates from Cleveland State University; she is proud of her accomplishments. The university president singles her out during his speech, thanking her for her service and crediting her with working hard.

Annual Social Action Lecture (05:55)

Perez speaks at Fairmount Temple. She describes how she met Marcos and fell in love, his detention and his deportation. She discusses her misconceptions regarding immigration and conditions in Mexico City.

Four Years in Mexico (04:54)

Marcos' criminal record makes it difficult to bring him back to the United States. Leopold reminds him that entering illegally would result in a permanent bar from the country; he is petitioning the government to grant Humanitarian Parole.

Broken Family (04:37)

Marcos does laundry on a Mexico City rooftop; he has not received news regarding his humanitarian parole petition. He Skypes with Perez, discussing the children and their situation. Marcos mentions illegally crossing the border and Perez discourages the act.

Holidays Without Marcos (02:28)

Perez is depressed as Christmas arrives; there is no word regarding her husband's petition. She decorates the house with her son, Pele; he asks Jesus to bring Daddy home.

Petition Decision (07:36)

Leopold receives notification from Immigration Customs Enforcement that Marcos' request for humanitarian parole was denied. Leopold suggests taking the case to Capitol Hill.

Walk for Justice (04:47)

At an HOLA meeting, Executive Director Veronica Dahlberg announces a march in support of Perez. At the event, she thanks participants and expresses honor and excitement for the support received from the Hispanic community.

Continued Separation (08:41)

Marcos and Pele video chat and Pele cries. Elizabeth visits Marcos in Mexico; she is pregnant with their third child and hopes he can return home for the birth.

Recognizing Servicewomen (07:16)

Perez compares immigration platforms of political parties while driving to a free haircut event hosted by Congressman Jim Jordan. At home, she writes to the congressmen and his staff about the unrecognized sacrifices of female soldiers.

Family Support (06:27)

Dora Acosta relays her path to citizenship and discusses Marcos' petition for humanitarian parole. Perez considers moving to save her family and discusses the dangers of living in Mexico City.

Separation Strains (05:21)

Marcos video chats with Perez and baby Georgie; they discuss moving the family to Mexico. Later, Perez walks with the childrenand Rocky has a tantrum.

Perez's Prayer (02:49)

Perez prays at a statue of Saint Mary. She pleads with Mary to allow Marcos to return home.

Brief Reunion at the Border (07:43)

Dahlberg, Perez, and her family travel to Texas to petition for humanitarian parole through border control. The Mexican consulate advises them Marcos will be arrested and detained if he attempts to crossover. In a waiting room, Marcos greets his in-laws and meets his infant daughter.

Six Years in Mexico (02:33)

Marcos suffers from depression and anxiety, prompting him to join a holistic health center. He takes a Zumba class, yoga, meditates, and speaks with a psychologist.

Blocked Request (03:14)

Over a six year period, HOLA and Perez have filed seven petitions with Immigration Customs Enforcement; they will not approve Marcos' application under any circumstance. Perez vows to continue fighting, even if she must move to Mexico.

Family Insecurity (02:52)

Perez and her boys discuss moving to Mexico; they express fears about attending new schools in a foreign country. Rocky protests the decision, anxious about learning Spanish.

Family Life in Mexico (07:46)

Marcos and Perez test the boys on Spanish. Marcos struggles to find a good job and Perez is supporting the family with her pension; it adds tension to their relationship. The couple argues about Marcos' current petition; neither are certain of their future.

Credits: Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore (00:60)

Credits: Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore

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