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Introduction: Weinstein (01:30)


Dozens of women have accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Frontline investigates silencing of the accusers and what insiders knew.

Attempted Coercion (04:14)

Katherine Kendall recalls meeting Weinstein in the early 1990s and his attempt to lure her with a fake movie screening; he exposed himself and tried to convince her to have sex. She is one of more than a hundred women who have made such allegations since October 2017.

Abuse of Power (03:52)

Journalist Bob McCarthy traces Weinstein’s problems back to his time in Buffalo. Paula Wachowiak and actress Suza Maher-Wilson share accounts of sexual harassment and indecent exposure when they were working “The Burning.”

Derailed Career (02:34)

Miramax grows as it specialized in movies that mainstream studios ignore. Actress Sean Young recalls Weinstein exposing himself during her time on the set of “Love Crimes.” She believes she was blackballed after rejecting his advances.

Establishment Bully (03:12)

By the time Weinstein wins an Oscar in 1998, he is one of Hollywood’s most powerful producers. Paul Webster likens working for Weinstein to being in a cult. Journalist Kim Masters recalls investigating rumors the producer sexually assaulted Gwyneth Paltrow.

Hotel Du Cap Incident (03:57)

Despite rumors about Weinstein, his power grows. Some of the up-and-comers who met him say they were unaware of his reputation. Model Zoe Brock describes being lured into the producer’s hotel room and hiding from him in the bathroom.

Corporate Enablers? (01:55)

Cathy Schulman believes Hollywood’s top agents knew about Weinstein's reputation. Creative Artists Agency issues an apology to “any person the agency let down.” Webster says he chose not to see Weinstein’s predatory behavior.

Confidentiality Agreement (03:58)

Zelda Perkins, Weinstein’s assistant, says the producer insisted she stay while he took a bath and cited names of sexual conquests; a co-worker told her she was sexually assaulted. Perkins recalls signing an unusual agreement after settling with Miramax.

Silencing Victims (03:21)

Stephen Gillers discusses Weinstein’s use of NDAs to keep accusers from talking. Journalist Ken Auletta recalls investigating the producer’s unusual settlements, which led to Perkins and an odd confrontation with Weinstein.

Tabloid Fodder (02:36)

A.J. Benza says Weinstein paid him for gossip he could trade with other reporters. Masters describes a meeting with Weinstein during which she confronts him with the rumor that he raped women.

Weinstein's Success (02:01)

Weinstein left Miramax after disputes with Disney and started the Weinstein Company. Rumors about his conduct circulate throughout Hollywood, but he keeps making hits and winning awards.

Reporting Weinstein (04:03)

Jessica Barth recalls telling Seth MacFarlane about being harassed by Weinstein. Italian model Ambra Gutierrez recalls circumstances that led to recording Weinstein and reporting him to police.

Attacking Guiterrez's Reputation (04:03)

Reporter Ronan Farrow describes Weinstein’s attempts to defend his reputation after he found himself in a story he could not suppress. A former employee of K2 says Weinstein hired his private intelligence firm to dig up dirt on Gutierrez. The district attorney chose not to prosecute.

Scandal Blowback (03:55)

Executive Tom Prince and journalist Megan Twohey discuss the Weinstein Company’s reaction to the allegations. Prince says he was concerned and suspicious about Weinstein’s use of company funds to fly women around the world.

Exposing Weinstein (04:30)

Attorney Tom Ajamie recalls Weinstein confronting him and accusing him of spreading rumors. Twohey describes efforts to get women to tell their stories to the New York Times. More women came forward as the mogul’s exploits are chronicled in detail.

Weinstein's Denial (02:12)

Weinstein’s spokeswoman says the producer denies any non-consensual sexual conduct, and he will produce evidence refuting claims against him. Police in Los Angeles, New York, and London continue to investigate rape and sexual assault allegations.

Credits: Weinstein (01:03)

Credits: Weinstein

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Harvey Weinstein was once one of the most successful producers in Hollywood; but beneath the glitz and glamour, there was a pattern of sexual misconduct going back to the very start of his career. FRONTLINE investigates the disgraced mogul's spectacular downfall, the efforts to silence his accusers, and what Hollywood itself knew. Drawing on exclusive insider accounts, this special, co-produced with the BBC, examines how Weinstein used lawyers and private detectives to help him suppress sexual harassment allegations. Filled with fresh insights from those who worked with Weinstein, those who tried to confront him, and the journalists who ultimately broke the story, this film is an in-depth look at the long history of allegations against the powerful producer.

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