Segments in this Video

Employment Law (02:55)


Barristers pay fees for the office staff and support at the Belfast Bar Library. Suzanne Bradley works for the Equality Commission and receives the Tribunal Bundle for a religious discrimination case. Gavin Connolly receives advice for upcoming testimony.

Property Law (03:10)

The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society argues against demolishing a building in the conservation area. Rita Harkin explains how it could set a dangerous precedent.

Barrister Students (02:53)

Jason Elliott trains at the Institute of Professional Legal Studies for a year. Martin O'Brien provides advice on how to present a case to the judge. The Ian Higgins Moot takes place before three senior judges; Dublin wins.

False Imprisonment (02:50)

Ronan Lavery works on a judicial review that challenges the Department of Justice. Individuals should be able to employ a lawyer. Barristers are supposed to read a page in a minute and a half.

Final Exam (02:19)

Elliott studies for his examination before he can begin an apprenticeship. It costs $800 to purchase his legal robes and wig.

Trials Begin (03:03)

Lavery argues against destroying a building on behalf of the Ulster Architectural Society. Bradley argues a case of religious discrimination at a Fair Tribunal.

Court of Appeals (04:53)

The judge rules against Brownlee obtaining new counsel. Barristers need to have professional detachment. Lavery argues at the Supreme Court in London; it will make the final ruling.

Court Outcomes (05:06)

Lavery is pleased with the verdict from Supreme Court Justices. Elliott participates in a formal ceremony admitting him to the profession before beginning his apprenticeship with a master. There are different challenges new members of the bar must face.

Credits: Barristers: Episode 5 (00:34)

Credits: Barristers: Episode 5

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Barristers: Episode 5

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A local barrister takes the Department of Justice to the Supreme Court in London; there’s a court battle to save an historic building in Belfast; a religious discrimination case heads to a tribunal; and we meet the next generation of top barristers.

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