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Northern Ireland Legal System (02:58)


Normally cases are tried in the city where the crime occurred. Mark Mulholland defends the most serious crimes in the United Kingdom. The law dictates that people who accidentally kill another can receive a five-year sentence.

Case Against Northern Ireland Electricity (02:35)

Ciaran Hampson travels to the Land's Tribunal to argue for compensation for those who have pylons on their property. Mark Orr examines the "Book of Facts" that was prepared on behalf of the clients. The first case will be tried in December 2013.

Commercial Court (02:16)

Hampson and Orr meet executives from Brickkiln. Derry City Council is not paying an outstanding bill after an allegation was made about how the waste management company handles garbage.

Family Court (05:21)

Orlagh McGahan specializes in children's law and fights for a mother who is not allowed to contact her children. The trust explains why they placed restrictions on the amount of time and location for visitation. McGahan asks for a continuance and an independent counselor.

Workplace Incidents (03:34)

Ursula Burns represents individuals who want to take civil action against their employers. A barrister is used when a company denies liability and refuses to settle. Michael McCrea negotiates on behalf of his clients.

Brickkiln Lawsuit (02:32)

The case is continued. Hampson and Orr want to secure a new trial date and obtain a partial payment. The parties reach a resolution.

Tax Evasion Case (03:47)

Barristers must take any case that arrives on their desk. Everyone should be represented in a democratic society. Mullholland describes how he builds a defense case.

Petition Resumes (03:45)

McGahan describes how the mediation failed because the foster care providers decided against following the counselor's suggestions. The expert speaks to the children and will file her report. The parties reach an agreement; the mother's contact has been reinstated and increased.

Credits: Barristers: Episode 2 (01:18)

Credits: Barristers: Episode 2

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Barristers: Episode 2

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A business takes Derry City Council to court for an unpaid bill; a man injured at work is seeking damages; and we witness how one top barrister prepares to fight a major criminal case.

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