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Dough (06:30)


Supply chain facilities make crust for pizza franchises. Workers combine flour, water, yeast and other ingredients. After rising, the dough is portioned, shaped, inspected and placed in trays.

Basil (04:04)

Herb Thyme Farms uses geothermal heat to grow herbs year round. Product is chilled and transported within 24 hours; at the packaging center, harvests are contained in microperforated bags, allowing ethylene to escape.

Mozzarella Cheese (04:35)

Air quality is important at Nabisco factory, where milk is piped in to make cheese. Starter cultures and rennet are added to the mile before agitation; resulting curds are cooked, stretched, and bricked. Product undergoes brining before shipment.

Pepperoni (07:40)

The Volpi family makes premium cured meats; they grind pork blade, fat, and beef eye of round, then mix in spices. A stuffing machine loads collagen casings with the mixture; chubs are fermented, aged, washed, sliced and packaged.

Mushrooms (07:15)

At Creekside Farms, workers cultivate white button fungi in an abandoned limestone mine. They make compost, mix it with spores, and transfer it underground. Workers handpick the crops then send them to a processing facility for cleaning, sorting, and shipment.

Olives (05:47)

Lindsay Olives is the world's leading producer of Californian Black Ripe olives. The company stores the fruits in vats after harvest and then sorts them by size. A lye solution leaches oleuropein out of the product. The olives are drained, washed, pitted. and sliced.

Ovens (06:09)

Marsal and Sons manufactures brick ovens; firebricks form chambers, while fiber deck is for cooking surfaces. Bobby Bognar samples pizza made by their corporate chef. Franchise pizzerias use conveyor cookers, baking nearly 300 pies an hour.

Credits: Pizza (00:26)

Credits: Pizza

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Delivered or in a restaurant, thick crust or thin, plain cheese or loaded with toppings, pizza is the favorite we can't resist. Americans eat 350 slices every second.

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