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Shrimp (07:14)


Bobby Bognar joins a seafood fisherman in Cape Canaveral; he uses seabed maps to locate crustacean casts. The catch is brined, frozen, and shipped to Wild Ocean Seafood Market where it undergoes thawing, peeling, refreezing, and packaging.

Horseradish (05:21)

Huntsinger Companies produces the spicy root used in cocktail sauce; after harvest, crops are separated for food and starts. At Silver Spring Foods, roots are ground and mixed with vinegar; Bognar helps make a hot variety, blended with mustard oil.

Honey (08:04)

At Bennett's Farm, bees use saliva enzymes to transform orange blossom nectar into a healthy, sweet treat; keepers build ideal conditions for production. Workers remove the wax and spin the combs to extract the product.

Spinach (07:43)

Ocean Mist Farms workers hand cut greens, bunching and placing them on a conveyor belt. The on-site harvester machines boxes the iron rich vegetables. At a processing facility, water cools and cleans the crop.

Sugar (09:43)

Sugarcane grows for two years before workers burn the field for harvest. Modified mining and lumber equipment gathers the stocks, which are then washed and crushed. Machines separate the juice from the fibers which is then heated, clarified, evaporated, and crystallized.

Behind the Line (04:09)

Bognar tours the Rio Carnival World buffet, explaining the effort necessary to maintain cleanliness and dish capacity. Convection ovens cook massive volumes of food which are rotated constantly; the pastry kitchen never closes.

Credits: All You Can Eat (00:31)

Credits: All You Can Eat

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Host Bobby Bognar travels to America's buffet capital, Las Vegas, to kick off a nationwide exploration of our most popular buffet dishes. 

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