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Peanut Butter (07:29)


Bobby Bognar visits Sunland Incorporated, where tons of Valencia legumes are shelled and roasted before going through a series of grinding processes. Part of the spread enters the Crunchy Injector, before the jarring process.

Jelly (04:30)

At Welch’s factory, Concord grape juice cooks in kettles. Machines add pectin as it cools and the mixture is then poured into jars. The product sets after two days.

Wonder Bread (03:24)

At Wonder bakeries, a mixer combines flour, water, and other ingredients; a divider pinches the resulting dough into loaves and drops them into pans where they rise. The product undergoes baking, cooling, and slicing before it is immediately bagged.

Juice Box (09:51)

Bognar visits Tetra Pak factory, where paper rolls are laminated with aluminum foil and polyethylene layers. At Juicy Juice bottling plant, apple concentrate is blended with water; a filler machine seals the beverage into aseptic containers.

Baby Carrots (07:16)

At Bolthouse Farms, machines plant two million carrot seeds per acre. After five months, the vegetables are harvested and trucked to a processing plant where they are washed, cut into two inch pieces, peeled, and inspected before packaging.

Goldfish (07:03)

Bognar helps workers at the Pepperidge Farm factory mix a batch of crackers. Workers combine cheddar with yeast, flour, water, and other ingredients. The resulting dough rises and goes through the lamination process before it is rolled out, cut, baked, and packaged.

Twinkies (03:54)

At Hostess Bakery, a mixer combines ingredients for sponge cake; a depositor pours the batter into molds. After baking, a filler injects the confections with vanilla cream; they are then packaged and shipped.

Credits: Lunch Box (00:22)

Credits: Lunch Box

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From playgrounds to office cubicles, we love chowing down a meal from the lunch box. Ever wonder why a peanut butter sandwich sticks to the roof of your mouth?

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