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Domestic Violence: Introduction (01:23)


Domestic violence and elder abuse is growing in the U.S. Healthcare professionals can change outcomes for victims. This program will focus on intimate partner violence and elder abuse.

Intimate Partner Violence (03:35)

IVP includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, threats of physical abuse, and emotional abuse. Economic and technology abuse are becoming more recognized. IVP occurs inside or outside the home; violent partners seek to exercise control over victims.

Child Maltreatment (01:03)

Child abuse includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

Cycle of Violence (02:43)

Studies have shown a pattern of incident, building tension, making up, and calm phases. Healthcare professionals should be aware of IVP warning signs, separate the victim from family members to ask questions, and provide victims with resources.

Health Consequences of Domestic Violence (04:46)

Victims access healthcare more frequently. Learn about long-term physical and psychological issues, including substance abuse. Extreme stress can harm nervous and immune system development.

Domestic Violence Screening (03:14)

The Academy of Violence and Abuse aims to educate healthcare professionals to better recognize abuse victims; effective intervention can decrease healthcare costs. Asking about domestic violence increases the likelihood of disclosure. Healthcare professionals should help patients develop a safe exit strategy.

Domestic Violence Intervention (04:04)

Healthcare professionals should validate the experience, treat the information seriously, help the victim to make decisions, and provide community resources. Learn about negative behaviors that may escalate danger and positive behaviors that can help patients.

Reporting Abuse (03:32)

Hear appropriate situations for reporting suspected domestic violence. If practicing in a state with mandatory abuse reporting laws, inform the patient of confidentiality limits prior to assessment. If the patient does not disclose abuse, document assessment and proposed interventions.

Elder Abuse (03:53)

Elder abuse is under-reported and often mistaken for signs of aging. Abusers include partners, adult children, and caregivers. Hear examples of maltreatment and abusive behavior. Healthcare providers should offer caregivers support resources as a preventive measure.

Elder Abuse Intervention (02:21)

Victim safety is the primary intervention goal. Intervention models should respect racial, ethnic, class, and gender differences; learn about the EMPOWER model. Healthcare providers seeking employment in elder care undergo reference checks.

Credits: Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse (01:09)

Credits: Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse

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Domestic violence and abuse of the elderly can happen anywhere in big cities, small towns and the suburbs. It is a shameful problem, but unfortunately not a unique or new problem. Includes guidelines specific to healthcare.

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