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Home Healthcare Setting (02:20)


Infections can be transmitted between the home health aide and client; and between the caregiver or family member and the client. Aides may be responsible for laundry and cleaning.

Clean, Cost, and Common Sense (01:44)

Cleaning, rather than disinfecting, is usually sufficient in the home setting. Hear ways to keep cleaning affordable and efficient. Home health aides should use judgment and teach caregivers the importance of cleanliness.

Home Assessment Questions (06:24)

Home health aides should evaluate clients' homes for cleaning equipment. This includes hand washing facilities, food preparation and storage, dish washing and laundry facilities, cleaning agents, waste disposal concerns, and specialized medical equipment. Review the proper hand washing technique.

Client Hygiene (01:41)

Home health aides should ensure clients wash their hands before eating and after using the toilet. Incontinent clients must be cleaned after each episode.

Laundry (01:07)

Learn about proper client clothing and bedding washing techniques.

Food Preparation (02:15)

Learn about proper food storage, food preparation, and dish washing methods to avoid food-borne illness.

Client Environment (01:28)

Hear tips for cleaning the client's toilets, sinks, equipment, and nearby surfaces.

Disinfecting the Home (02:05)

Agents include boiling water, bleach, isopropyl alcohol, phenolics, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar. See what to consider before using a disinfection agent.

Waste Disposal (01:59)

All waste is contaminated with microorganisms. Hear proper methods for disposing of bodily fluids, soiled cloth, and medical equipment. Hear a summary of infection control in the home setting.

Credits: Infection Control in the Home Setting (00:30)

Credits: Infection Control in the Home Setting

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We start with three key ideas in the home setting: Clean, Cost and Common sense. Then, we address specific home health aide responsibilities, including assessment of a home, client and hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.

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