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Global Killer (04:25)


Pneumonia kills more children than anything else. Shirley describes visiting a traditional healer before taking Nazario to the National Children's Hospital. (Credits)

Spreading Disease and Poverty (02:41)

Twenty percent of children in the Philippines are afflicted with pneumonia. In Sitio Damayan, community members sort through other people's trash to earn a living and burn wood to make charcoal. Even though Rosalie is recovering, the ten-year-old still is expected to work to help feed her family.

Pneumonia: an Epidemic (02:57)

Three million children develop pneumonia annually. Fifty or more breaths per minute is a common symptom that is easy to detect. Dr. Lulu Bravo describes how overcrowding causes transmission; learn how the disease infects and progresses.

Second X-Ray (05:24)

Dr. Regina Bulaong describes how Nazario's lung was full of fluid. Risk factors in Sitio Damayan include indoor cooking, pollution, and malnutrition. Each child experiences six to ten episodes of pneumonia annually.

Interventions (02:51)

Nazario's condition improves. The pneumococcal vaccine protects against Streptococcus pneumoniae but costs $80 per injection.

Rural Health Care (04:37)

In Hamtic, midwives provide healthcare and medication because of the lack of doctors. Monic Lunasco visits an outpost in a barangay twice a week. A mother discusses the death of her first son; she will begin training to become a voluntary health worker to look for potential cases of pneumonia.

Lack of Insurance (02:38)

Dr. Marisa Ricardo leads a class on detecting pneumonia for volunteer health workers. The state refuses to cover all of Nazario's health costs. Fernando must beg to pay for treatment.

Severe Pneumonia (04:49)

Five-month-old Mary is admitted at Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center. Pneumonia thrives in areas that are overcrowded, poor, and malnourished. Her family lives on the streets underneath an old warehouse.

Mentoring Program (05:13)

Volunteers learn how to measure a child's respiratory rate using a watch. Lunasco visits a child who is breathing too fast and provides antibiotics. Mary's father scavenges for plastic and boxes to pay for food and medical expenses.

New Stoves (05:09)

Cooking food inside the home causes respiratory infections and destroys the lining in the bronchi. Professor Crisanto Lopez studies the concentration of carbon monoxide and particulate matter of open and closed stoves. Clay serves as an insulator and produces less smoke.

Fighting Pneumonia (04:01)

The volunteer health workers graduate from the training session. Mary leaves the hospital and returns home.

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Without antibiotics, young children in the Philippines are easy prey to pneumonia, the world's biggest killer. Many of them live on rubbish dumps making charcoal and living in hovels. Health care is not available and the authorities don't seem to care about them.

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