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Garry's Obesity (03:20)


Garry is a finance analyst and a former contestant on the "Biggest Loser", where he met his partner Carrianne. He has developed metabolic symptoms, which increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and Type II diabetes. He has lost significant weight through diet and exercise before but always gains it back.

Microbiome and Fast Food (04:44)

Dr. Joanna McMillan is a nutrition scientist who is looking at how processed foods are affecting the microbiome. She hopes increasing diversity in the microbiome can help improve weight control for Garry.

Garry's Gut Bacteria (03:28)

McMillan uses metagenomic sequencing to get a detailed picture of Garry's microbiome. He has high levels of bacteria linked to inflammation and metabolic syndrome.

Garry's Diet (03:13)

McMillan creates a diet plan high in prebiotic fiber to correct the imbalances in Garry's microbiome. She is hoping Garry can stick with a consistently healthy diet and eating habits instead of following fad diet trends.

Garry's Time Management (02:44)

Garry has a long commute to work and Carrianne is a shift nurse, so they usually grab quick processed meals instead of cooking. His work demands leave little time for exercise.

Garry's Dietary Intervention (03:46)

McMillan and microbiologist Andrew Holmes think intermittent fasting would best balance Garry's gut bacteria. Beneficial bacteria can thrive when a person is not eating and produce substances to reduce inflammation. McMillan creates a six-week diet plan for Garry.

Yo-Yo Dieting (05:16)

Garry has been skeptical of diets in the past but is hoping the scientific approach will be better. Some studies show that yo-yo dieting causes people to gain the weight back faster each time because polyphenols fail to burn off fat cells. McMillan tells Garry to focus on his overall eating habits instead of counting calories.

Garry's Mental State (06:50)

Garry admits his weight causes a lack of confidence and he uses food as an emotional tool. Diets high in processed food can negatively affect the brain and cognitive processes.

Hunger and Fast Food (04:55)

McMillan is concerned about Garry's desire to still have fast food about once a week. Processed foods are high in sugar and fat but low in fiber and nutrients, which means they are digested much faster than healthier foods.

Garry's Health (04:45)

Garry is feeling better and coping with the fasting in his fourth week on the diet. He has been having less indigestion, which is directly related to diet.

Garry's Progress (08:34)

Garry is taking more joy in food and is cooking a romantic dinner for Carrianne. With more energy, he has been finding time to exercise. His microbiome is more balanced and better at weight control.

Credits: Garry's Story (00:28)

Credits: Garry's Story

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Garry has tried it all to lose weight, from the Biggest Loser to meal replacement shakes. And despite temporary victories, the pounds always pile back on. Are Garry's gut bacteria keeping him fat, and can Gut Revolution help him? Nutrition scientist Dr. Joanna McMillan and her team of experts explore new and controversial science that suggests gut bacteria might just be affecting our appetites and moods.

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