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Raqqa (08:17)


Raqqa, Syria has been reduced to rubble by American led airstrikes in the fight against ISIS. A truck driver recounts witnessing beheadings and executions at what was once the center of town. Two siblings attempt to salvage their family home and grocery store, determined to return to the city.

Bombing in Raqqa (03:22)

Explosives are everywhere in Raqqa and mines frequently detonate unexpectedly. American-aligned Kurdish fighters rush wounded soldiers to a hospital. Foreign fighters in the Kurdish army clean up mortar shells in the city.

Foreign Fighters in Raqqa (05:43)

Australian Jamie Williams went to fight ISIS with the Kurdish army after being denied entry into the Australian military. His group of western soldiers had one face-to-face battle with ISIS in the city. He could be jailed in Australia for entering a banned area and fighting with a foreign army.

Australian ISIS Fighters (08:50)

Australian Khaled Sharrouf is a convicted terrorist, who fought with ISIS. Australian reporter Matt Brown attempts to find his home in Raqqa with Williams and the other Kurdish foreign fighters. The house is abandoned but Brown speaks with a neighbor, who remembers him as a weapon-wielding thug.

ISIS Base in Raqqa (05:38)

The soccer stadium acted as ISIS's base and was the last building they occupied before being run out. Prisoners were held, tortured, and executed in the stadium.

Aftermath in Raqqa (05:04)

ISIS fighters left the city under a negotiated escape plan with American-backed forces. Williams is assisting with cleanup and unsure if he will return to Australia. Anti-mining teams work to find and disarm the explosives left behind in the city.

Future for Raqqa (04:38)

Residents return to the city and try to sort through the rubble of their homes and businesses. Many families are happy members survived and are looking forward to returning to a normal life.

Credits: The Ruins of Raqqa (00:23)

Credits: The Ruins of Raqqa

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For four long years, Islamic State ruled its "caliphate" from its capital, the city of Raqqa. ISIS propaganda painted it as a pure paradise, and extremists travelled from around the globe to join the terror group. From the outside, there were only glimpses of what life was really like. Now as it is freed from the Islamic State dictatorship, the city is giving up its secrets. Emerging from the rubble, the survivors talk about the risks they took to defy Islamic State.

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