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Clinton's Defeat (04:35)


Reporter Sarah Ferguson conducts Hillary Clinton's first interview with Australian media after being defeated by Donald Trump. Clinton attended Trump's inauguration and was disappointed by his behavior and lack of a unifying message.

Russia's Involvement (05:58)

Clinton believes Russia's interference in the election was partially a personal matter because of her actions as Secretary of State. The amount of false information spread by Russian agents online negatively affected her chances to defeat Trump. The sophisticated targeting ensured Trump won through the Electoral College.

Trump Investigation (06:58)

Clinton stresses the importance of Democrats winning seats in the 2018 election. She weighs in on if the Trump campaign hacking her emails is grounds for impeachment. She is disappointed that FBI Director James Comey made the investigation into her emails public but not the investigation into Trump's connection to Russia.

Clinton's Political Life (05:36)

Clinton has faced numerous political investigations and scandals during her decades in politics. She believes the emails added another reason for people to rationalize not voting for her.

Divided Ideology (01:43)

Clinton forgives the voters who responded to Trump's racist and sexist appeals during the campaign. Most voters vote for whoever their party nominates. She is concerned about the prevalence of white supremacists among Trump's supporters.

Weaponized Information (06:10)

Julian Assange and Wikileaks published Clinton's stolen emails. Clinton has worked with him in the past, but now believes he is a tool of the Russian intelligence. She supports freedom of information but is worried about the impact of false information on American politics.

Women Voters (07:00)

A memo about the emails and a Wikileaks release happened on the same day as the Access Hollywood tape where Trump admitted sexual assault. Clinton believes the tape was overshadowed and made it possible for the majority of white women to vote for Trump. Sexism and misogyny make it more difficult for women in politics.

Political Criticism (04:17)

Many have criticized Clinton for being too soft on herself. She defends her "deplorables" comment and explains her mistakes and missteps.

Clinton on Australia (04:17)

Clinton believes Rupert Murdoch and Fox News have stopped being journalism and have become propaganda. She agrees Trump is a threat to Australia and the rest of the world.

Credits: Hillary Clinton: The Interview (00:27)

Credits: Hillary Clinton: The Interview

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