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Assisted Suicide (02:28)


David Goodall is a 104-year-old Australian, who traveled to Switzerland where doctor assisted suicide is legal. His grandson helps him fill out the final form before he will take a lethal dose of barbiturates.

Goodall's Travels (03:38)

Goodall spends the weeks before the procedure traveling through Europe to visit family. Reporter Charlotte Hamlyn accompanies him to his daughter-in-law's home in southwest France.

Assisted Suicide Decision (03:32)

At his 104th birthday party, Goodall tells his family about his desire to die. Hamlyn discusses Goodall's career and deteriorating health; Goodall finds little joy in life. Karen Goodall-Smith recalls his first attempt at suicide.

Voluntary Euthanasia (04:47)

Goodall is a member of Exit International. The group campaigns for assisted suicide in Australia; it is only allowed in certain areas and only for the terminally ill. The group helps arrange Goodall's trip to Switzerland.

Media Interest (01:44)

In Switzerland, Goodall garners the attention of the media and Dr. Philip Nitschke. Unlike most seeking assisted suicide, Goodall is not sick; just wants his life to be over.

Suicide Tourism (03:45)

Switzerland is one of two countries that allow assisted suicide for foreigners. Approximately 100 people make the trip every year and some Swiss officials worry it will harm the country's medical reputation.

Requirements for Assisted Suicide (05:58)

Life Circle is the center that is handling Goodall's suicide. He must undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure he is acting in his right mind. Exit International hosts a press conference for Goodall the day before the procedure.

Goodall's Procedure (05:38)

Goodall answers questions from the media hours before his suicide. He receives instructions for administering a lethal dose through an IV; he must do the injection himself. Goodall dies surrounded by his family.

Credits: On His Own Terms (00:24)

Credits: On His Own Terms

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This is the inside story of 104-year-old activist David Goodall’s last days in Europe as he says farewell to family and campaigns for the right to die, up to his final hour.

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