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Repurposing Wartime Engineering (06:06)


During World War II, the Royal Air Force created the Government Pipeline and Storage System. Heathrow Airport now uses it to pipe fuel directly to plane stands; half of Britain's commercial aviation petrol goes through the apparatus.

Forth Bridge (05:43)

Victorian engineers built the first steel span bridge, connecting the Scottish Highlands to Britain. The bridge and Queensberry Crossing use the same anchoring designs.

Transporting Coal (05:43)

During the Industrial Revolution, canals were built to ferry materials inland; key cities were connected by Standedge Tunnel. For 17 years, workers used manual tools and dynamite to dislodge three miles of Pennine Mountain rock.

Underwater Silica Source (06:00)

During the Industrial Revolution, Dinas Mine provided Britain with silica. After it was abandoned, the tunnel network flooded. It has become a tourist attraction; Campbell joins experienced cave divers on a tour.

Puffins (03:41)

On the Farne Islands, 80,000 puffins breed and nest, digging deep burrows underground. They lay one egg a year. Offspring spend four months in the burrows before going to sea.

Preserving Society (05:19)

Barnton Bunker was built when the Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis threatened the possibility of nuclear attack. The complex features thick concrete walls, heavy blast doors, and a radioactive particulate filtering ventilation system.

Electric Mountain (05:47)

Campbell drives through the Elidir Fawr tunnel to Dinorwig Power Station. During peak use times, waters from a high altitude lake funnel through generator units, and respond to increased power demands within 12 seconds.

Underground Mass Transit (09:58)

The Cross Rail was built to accommodate increased transportation demands. London's subterranean landscape was crowded; high tech machinery precisely cut and stabilized tunnels. Underground stations utilized concrete sprayed in three phases to prevent surface sinking.

Credits: World Beneath Your Feet: On The Move (00:34)

Credits: World Beneath Your Feet: On The Move

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