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Return to Arctic (03:47)


Gordan Buchanan goes back to Svalbard in June to reunite with the polar bear family he filmed in April. His team sets out to locate them, aided by Doctor Jon Aars, who has tracked mother Lyra by satellite collar; he researches impacts of climate change on local populations.

Endangered Family (03:59)

Polar bear expert Jason Roberts spots Lyra; accompanied by one cub, Miki. Buchanan explains how receding sea ice impacts food supplies, and makes nursing offspring difficult. Record high temperatures promise to make the coming year more challenging.

Changing Conditions (03:56)

Thirty years ago, ice remained around Svalbard through summer; polar bears use it to hunt, mate, and migrate. Lyra's satellite collar leads Buchanan's team to a new location; they find her and Miki eating a rotting walrus carcass.

Family Studies Comparison (06:47)

Aars and Buchanan discuss Luca's loss; he requests observation of northern subjects. On route, the crew encounters thickening sea ice, seals, and polar bear evidence. They spot seven individuals before locating collared mother, Ava, and her healthy cubs.

Precarious Situation: Becoming Prey (03:24)

Ice in northern districts of Svalbard is thick enough for snowmobiles; Buchanan and team drive out, getting close to a pregnant polar bear using stalking techniques to hunt seal. She is not successful, and targets the crew; they start engines, discouraging her from attack.

Teaching Survival Skills (04:52)

Buchanan heads south to find Lyra and Miki; her satellite signal indicates movement to another small island. The district is still void of sea ice; she improvises to find food, searching through seabird nests for eggs. Her experience keeps her cub alive.

Better Conditions (04:41)

Sea ice forms near Lyra's island; her satellite collar indicates she is swimming for it. Buchanan and team locate her crossing onto a large shelf populated by seals. They leave as she prepares to hunt, hoping to increase her chances of success.

Looking for Ice (05:26)

The sea ice disappears overnight; Lyra's satellite collar shows she swims in open waters, dangerous for Miki. Buchanan locates them, but loses sight of them. He checks the nearest island, finding a large male, likely responsible for driving them further from land.

Precarious Situation: Surrounded (05:46)

After prolonged periods in water, Lyra's satellite collar stops transmitting location signals; Buchanan checks on Ava's family up north. The area's sea ice attracts many polar bears; several appear and begin approaching the crew. They start snowmobiles, discouraging attacks

Living Against Odds (05:48)

Buchanan worries about Lyra, having not received transmission for days. He calls Aars for an update and informed of signal detection; he locates her and Miki on an island, safe in spite of most difficult summer conditions experienced by polar bears.

Credits: The Polar Bear Family And Me: Episode (00:32)

Credits: The Polar Bear Family And Me: Episode

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Gordon Buchanan and the team return to Svalbard in mid-June on the trail of Lyra and her cubs Miki and Luca. Gordon works with scientists to try to understand how his polar bear family is surviving the unusual arctic weather. He finds Lyra and renews his bond with her, but discovers that cub Luca is missing. Lyra is devoted to her remaining cub Miki, but his future is also uncertain. Gordon documents the intimate details of polar bear family life as he sees Lyra and Miki in their epic struggle to survive as this mother bear tries to keep her cub safe.

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