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Penguins (01:17)


Host Armstrong Wedgewood (Matt Lucas) focuses on penguins in this episode of “Round Planet.” Most of the 17 species live in conditions that would kill other birds.

Antarctic Breeding Grounds (04:33)

Emperor penguins head inland to mate. Females lay eggs and pass them to the males for incubation. The females then head out to sea while the males endure two months of continuous night.

Parental Exchange (02:59)

The female emperors return with full bellies and meet their chicks. The take over the care of the hatchlings and provide their first helpings of regurgitated seafood.

Adelie Penguins (03:50)

Adelies spend months on the ice floes and return to land for breeding season. They build rocky nests to keep their eggs warm; stone theft leads to conflict.

Orca Attack (03:38)

Killer whales stalk prey in Antarctic waters. The predators look for Weddell seals and use teamwork to knock their target from its icy perch.

South Georgia Island (03:19)

King penguins welcome spring share the beach with elephant seals. A battles erupt as a rival seal attempts to poach from the beachmaster’s harem. The penguins head out to sea.

King Penguins (04:19)

By summer, chicks dot the beaches of South Georgia Island. Parents recognize the cry of their offspring in a colony of 400,000. Off the Falkland Islands, other penguins brave wild seas and predators.

Credits: Round Planet: Penguins (00:31)

Credits: Round Planet: Penguins

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Round Planet: Penguins

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Veteran broadcaster Armstrong Wedgewood has visited the Antarctic many times and experienced the highs and lows of life on the ice. This film conjures up fond and sometimes painful memories for him; not least the time when he lost a toe during the filming of his landmark series, Empire of the Cod. The penguins allow Armstrong to revisit the toe incident with new eyes. To him, they become symbols for soldiering on in the face of adversity.

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