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Introduction: My Congo (02:45)


Wildlife cameraman Vianey Djenguet tours his birthplace and Congo's capitol, Brazzaville; he and his family have lived in Paris since he was a young man. He recalls childhood happiness and is bothered by the country's poor reputation; he hopes to change other people’s perspectives through his work.

Savannah Shoot (03:30)

Odzala National Park grasslands attract forest elephants, typically jungle dwellers, giving Djenguet an opportunity to film them. The small, agile species have large tusks, and are targeted by poachers. Congo boasts a quarter of their population.

West Congo Recovery (09:03)

Djenguet travels to Pointe Noire's coastline before venturing to Tchimpounga Natural Reserve; the Jane Goodall Institute established a chimpanzee sanctuary there 25 years ago. He films individuals being rehabilitated. He attends a local school teaching endangered species and conservation lessons.

Sanctuary Graduates (02:49)

Tchimpouga Reserve's western islands home chimpanzees in final stage of rehabilitation. They will be the first rescued troop ever released into the wild. Djenguet films a baby born in the natural habitat.

Biodiversity Shoot (06:25)

Congo touts over 600 bird species, including 60 Weaver types; Djenguet discusses their habits. A ranger helps him locate colobus monkeys; he films them eating and napping.

Ancestral Lands (08:48)

Djenguet travels north to his father's hometown before continuing to the rainforest where his great grandfather lived. He is welcomed by the nomadic forest people, celebrating in his honor; they credit Sokonji with protecting threatened indigenous. He accompanies them on a hunt.

Nouabal Ndoki National Park Shoot (09:05)

Djenguet canoes to Mbeli Bai to film wildlife. Forest elephants emerge early, enjoying the waters; they are followed by several other animals. During evening, western lowland gorillas feed on swamp reeds.

Epopo Shoot (05:43)

Massive and unspoiled, Congo's rainforest stretches into Cameroon and Central African Republic; Djenguet journeys to Mondika, filming western lowland gorillas that are acclimated to humans; he carefully observes a silverback, noting its size and unique behaviors.

Journey Reflections (02:27)

Before returning home, Djenguet revisits the forest people; they throw a leaving party for him and he joins them in dance. He hopes he can change perspectives about Congo by highlighting its nature, wildlife, and indigenous peoples.

Credits: My Congo (00:28)

Credits: My Congo

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My Congo

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Wildlife cameraman Vianet Djenguet returns to his beloved Congo to explore the extraordinary wildlife of this remarkable country. Far from being the dark heart of Africa, Vianet reveals a vibrant, wonderful place full of surprising landscapes, incredible people and amazing animals. Vianet takes us from dramatic coasts to pristine rainforest on a wildlife voyage of discovery, meeting inquisitive baby chimpanzees, majestic forest elephants and elusive lowland gorillas. Seen through the eyes of one of its proudest sons, Vianet offer us a unique insight into his homeland.

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