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Edinburgh World Cross Country match (02:15)


Mo Farah prepares for the first race of the season; he is training for the Olympic Games in eight months. He places second, and is dissatisfied; it is difficult for him to lose.

Addis Ababa Conditioning (07:19)

Farah travels to Ethiopia for high altitude training; he does not want to repeat his Edinburgh loss. He enjoys pushing and challenging himself; coaches discuss his drive, and how aging impacts his recovery. After five weeks, he is fatigued.

Reunions in Africa (04:51)

Farah visits relatives and friends in Djibouti. He discusses his family's move to London in 1994; his twin brother was left behind due to illness. Hassan Farah's location was confused due to Civil War outbreak and was never reunited with them.

Emerging Talent (06:08)

Farah started school in Feltham at six, speaking little English. He asserts his athleticism helped him cope, making him representative for schools and regions. He recalls competing in the London Summer Olympics, the crowd's response to him, and winning two gold medals.

Nike Oregon Project (04:04)

Farah wins the Indoor Grand Prix in Glasgow, but sustains injury. He travels back to America, where he and his family moved in 2015; Portland is a center for endurance running excellence and home to coach Alberto Salazar. New training improves his performances.

Family Schedule (04:01)

Farah is away from home six months annually for training and competitions. His wife discusses their decision to make personal sacrifices to meet his goals. He attends his eldest daughter's swim practice; now 11, he has missed much of her childhood.

Performance Enhancement Allegations (02:53)

In 2015, Salazar was accused of doping athletes, causing Farah to drop out of Birmingham's Diamond League match. He asserts his anti-drug status and made blood test results public, but is still stigmatized by claims. His wife recalls unwanted media attention at their home.

World Class Competition (05:56)

Farah prepares for the Cardiff event, where he will compete against top runners; stomach cramps plague training sessions. He places third in the race; he is disappointed but motivated by the results.

Pushing Through Exhaustion (04:44)

Farah travels to Arizona for high altitude training. Historically, he overworks himself; his coaches discuss his stubbornness and how backing off is sometimes best for runners. They worry about his fatigue despite successful sessions.

Owning the Start Line (07:34)

Farah participates in and wins the Performance Classic in Oregon; he is targeted by other competitors, but sprints to first place during the last stretch. His fatigue concerns coaches; he takes a week off training, enjoying time with family.

Diamond League Event (03:08)

Farah participates and wins the Birmingham race. He expresses frustration regarding doping allegations of 2015. Coaches discuss keeping him at peak performance levels and expectations of Olympian gold medalists.

Last Race Before Rio (03:00)

Farah feels pressure to win the Anniversary Games in London. He is credited with being one of the greatest long distance runners of all time and popularizing the activity. He wins the race, building confidence for the Olympics—12 days away.

Credits: Mo Farah - Race of His Life (00:29)

Credits: Mo Farah - Race of His Life

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With unprecedented access to double Olympic and five-time world champion Mo Farah, this one-off documentary charts the athlete’s brutal training schedule and goes behind the scenes of family life in the build-up to his title defense at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Produced over a year, the film shows Mo as never before, from his rigorous training camps in Africa and the USA to how he balances his work and family life. This candid documentary highlights the personal and professional events that have shaped him into the man he is today. Contributions from Usain Bolt, Lord Coe and Haile Gebrselassie tell what it takes to reach the heights Farah has, why he became a national treasure, and the sacrifices it takes to succeed at elite levels.

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