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Introduction: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Venice, Albania, and Turkey (03:36)


Joanna Lumley will travel from Italy to China following the path of the ancient Silk Road. The actress describes visiting Venice for the first time.

Demand for Silk (03:21)

Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua in Venice produces intricate brocade cloth for the Kremlin and White House. The factory makes cloth on looms hundreds of years old; each loom can only produce 16 inches per day. It takes years to learn the craft.

Spread of Disease (02:24)

Lumley discusses Bubonic Plague outbreaks occurring three times in Venice due to the Silk Road. Wealthy Venetians use gondolas as private limousines. All drivers are required to wear a uniform.

Marco Polo (03:31)

Lumley describes how the explorer forgot the Venetian language after spending 17 years abroad, including a year with Kublai Khan in Xanadu. Doctor Alessandra Schiavon reveals the last will and testament of Matteo Polo.

Durres, Albania (05:07)

Lumley visits the Venetian Tower at the Via Egnatia and searches for part of the original Roman road on a hillside near Elbasan. She visits a traditional Ottoman bridge. Albania is full of culture, history, people, and food.

Istanbul, Turkey (05:10)

The Via Egnatia extends through Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey. Religions include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Sufism. The Galata district is an ancient trading center; the Bosporus connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean.

Cappadocia, Turkey (05:10)

The Silk Road fragments in Asia. Lumley stays at a hotel located in a cave and visits the Keslik Monastery. Cabir Coskuner explains the religious paintings on the walls and their defacement.

Nevsehir, Turkey (03:52)

Archeologists believe merchants traveling on the Silk Road sheltered in a network of underground chambers. Lumley tours a section including a stable, a kitchen, and the "lock door."

Traveling the Silk Road (04:48)

Caravansarai are roadside inns for travelers on their way to and from Persia. Lumley boards a train at Kayseri to the east of Turkey. Kars borders Armenia and Georgia.

Bogatepe, Turkey (03:37)

The village is famous for gruyere. Chardash Kuchulu demonstrates how to make cheese. His cheese is ages for five months to improve its taste.

Turkish Mountains (04:22)

Lumley travels over the mountains; snow arrives in October and can last for five months. Herders bring their flocks to the high pastures around the beginning of June. The Hemshin people originally hail from Armenia.

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Venice, Albania, and Turkey (00:33)

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Venice, Albania, and Turkey

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Joanna starts her adventure in Venice, the European terminus of the Silk Road where she discovers how the Silk Road helped the merchants of Venice and the city state itself grow rich and powerful. Joanna witnesses first hand evidence of Marco Polo’s silk road booty, and sees how that all-important commodity, silk, cemented Venice’s reputation as a centre of luxury and conspicuous wealth.

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