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Introduction: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Georgia and Azerbaijan (01:50)


Joanna Lumley will explore Georgia and Azerbaijan on this leg of her Silk Road journey; she reflects on previous destinations.

Tbilisi, Georgia (05:22)

Lumley visits the capital and reflects on its history and tourism. Tako Chkheidze discusses creating Tbilisi Fashion Week and living in the Soviet Union. Lumley visits the last intact 19th-century townhouse in the city.

Georgian Cultural Identity (03:23)

Georgia has experienced occupations by the Mongols, Persians, Ottomans, and Russians. Lumley attends a rehearsal of the Sukhishvili Georgian National Ballet. Individuals maintain their cultural identity through dance.

Svaneti, Georgia (04:05)

The Caucasus Mountains to the north of Tbilisi form a natural border between Georgia and Russia. Lumley visits a remote province where kings and queens once sent treasures for safekeeping. The Svan people practice a unique religion incorporating Pagan mythology and Orthodox Christianity.

Trading Routes (04:00)

The Transcaucasian Trail is under development across the Caucasus Mountains. Lumley travels to Kichkuldashi and visits the last residents who live in the area. Her hosts toast with chacha, a local alcohol made from pears.

Kakheti, Georgia (04:07)

Lumley travels to the province famous for wine making. Shota Lagazidze discusses leaving the skin on the grapes and the fermentation process. Lumley visits the half hecter vineyard.

Silk Production (04:10)

The collapse of the Soviet Union results in a declining industry. Lamara Bezhashvili grows silkworms in Magaro village to produce fabric. Mulberry leaves contain sap that is a good antiseptic.

Azerbaijan (03:04)

Ten million people live in the country that borders Russia and Iran; Heydar Aliyev is the founding father. Lumley visits a restored caravansary in Sheki, where merchants stopped to rest along the Silk Road,

Palace of Shaki Khans (02:01)

Lumley visits a summer residence constructed by Persian Khans to entertain important guests. She describes how the stained-glass work was constructed using Murano glass from Venice.

Baskal, Azerbaijan (03:44)

Kelagayi are silk scarves unique to Azerbaijan. Lumley visits a master artisan who prints the scarves individually, using 300-year-old wooden stamps.

Baku, Azerbaijan (04:06)

Business and industry change the landscape. Oil and gas are so close to the surface that the ground burns. Architectural achievements include the Heydar Aliyev Center, the Carpet Museum, and the Flame Towers; Lumley tours the royal suite.

Traditional Healing Treatment (02:40)

Lumley participates in a folk ritual to alleviate stress, anxiety, and fear. A practitioner uses a burning roll of cloth to touch nerve endings. Outside, she smashes bottles to calm the spirit.

Baku Modern Architecture (02:51)

The Caspian Waterfront Mall is modeled after the eight-pointed star on the Azerbaijan flag. Lumley walks along the roof designed by the same developers of the Sydney Opera House; she reflects on her journey.

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Georgia and Azerbaijan (00:32)

Credits: Joanna Lumley's Silk Road: Georgia and Azerbaijan

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Joanna continues her adventure following the ancient Silk Road from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea, across the rapidly changing post-Soviet states of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Joanna kicks off her journey in the brash, booming seaside resort of Batumi, where post-Soviet era new money has seen casinos and high-rise hotels built alongside old Soviet tenement blocks. It’s a huge change from when it was a small backwater and the border to Turkey was closed.

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