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No Births in Svalbard (03:59)


No one is native to Svalbard; inhabitants are from over 40 countries. Christine and Grace left family and friends in Scotland to create a life in the arctic wilderness. They greet their first visitors, Catherine and Paul.

Mary-Ann's Polarrigg (03:58)

Mary Ann manages all aspects of the hotel. She discusses financial struggles and settling in Longyearbyen. She describes herself as a perfectionist, but needing rest. Her son Vidda journeys from Norway to run the kitchen.

Arctic Dating (04:11)

Tour guide Alex and his girlfriend plan a journey to Isfjord Radio, 90 kilometers from Longyearbyen. During winter, the area is accessible only by dogsled or snowmobile; they pack enough fuel for a round trip.

Family Production (04:49)

Pastor Leif's nephew arrives to visit for a week. He is an opera singer and classical violinist, and performs at the Easter Concert. Live entertainment is valued in Svalbard.

Surviving in Longyearbyen (03:35)

Christine and Grace take Catherine and Paul to the shooting range and introduce them to their dogs. The sisters shovel feces while discussing personality differences.

Work Respite (03:06)

Mary Ann works over than sixteen hours daily. She discusses her need for rest with Vidda; he worries about her long-term plans. She cries while leaving, not getting enough time with him, then heads to the airport.

Isfjord Radio (04:46)

Alex and Karolina drive through the arctic wilderness, arriving at the communications building converted to luxury hotel. Alex discusses Svalbard policies and punishments for drinking and driving. She recalls his romanticism before they enjoy a three course dinner.

Family Vacation (03:27)

Christine and Grace take Catherine and Paul on an expedition; Catherine learns how to drive a snowmobile. The sisters discuss the inspiration of the area, and why people settle in the area.

Family Businesses (07:56)

Vidda prepares a reindeer dish during his last shift at Mary Ann's Polarrigg. He rearranges the kitchen for his mother; she immediately undoes his work upon return. Pastor Leif visits remote congregation members; his nephew sings “Ave Maria.”

Arctic Exploration (03:00)

Alex and Karolina journey south from Isfjord Radio to explore the mountains and ski. They bring a crevasse rescue kit and other emergency equipment.

Leaving Svalbard (03:41)

Catherine prepares to return home and reflects on her time in Svalbard. Christine discusses recognizes the sacrifices for living in Longyearbyen. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: World's Apart (00:31)

Credits: World's Apart

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Svalbard can be a lonely place. Most of its residents have sacrificed the closeness of friends and family to live in this arctic paradise so visitors are a big deal. Christine's sister, Catherine gets to grips with Arctic life when she visits from northern England. Mary Ann's son, Vidda, who lives 1700kms away comes to her rescue as he's the only person she trusts in her kitchen. Pastor Leif's nephew, Leif Jone, an international opera singer, comes over from Copenhagen, bringing culture to his uncle's parishioners. Snowmobile guide Alex, takes his girlfriend Karolina on a romantic trip, but a romantic weekend away means going to extreme lengths.

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