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Remote Adventure (03:57)


Springtime in Svalbard includes subzero temperatures, but more daylight. Christine and Grace prepare to travel to a cabin 70 kilometers from Longyearbyen; they aspire to settle off grid.

Food Entrepreneur (03:58)

Smoke has damaged Ben's permaculture system; he was hoping to provide fresh produce for Svalbard. Mark visits the lab for newspaper research; plants are coated in toxic dust, and must be thrown away.

Evolving Economy (04:02)

Tourism is Svalbard's most important industry. In 1975, a commercial airport offered regular flights and hotels were established in the 1990s. Wiggo shares macabre stories with visitors seeking a unique experience.

Journey Mishaps (04:43)

Christine and Grace stop briefly to repair their sled. They investigate a cabin vandalized by polar bears. They find tracks and search a den before returning course.

Cold Storage (04:49)

Mark visits Svalbard Global Seed Vault for a newspaper story. It has capacity to store every seed mankind requires to restart after extreme events. He investigates an endangered species and addresses conspiracy theories.

Arctic Birthday Celebration (05:41)

Christine and Grace arrive at the isolated cabin, investigate for polar bears, and unload supplies. It is below freezing inside and they build a fire. They socialize, drink beer, have cake, and worry about predator attack.

Personal Reflections (05:34)

Ben walks to an abandoned mine, burns sage, and meditates. He decides he will move forward with his permaculture business. Wiggo practices shooting a World War II era rifle.

Arctic Adventure (07:16)

Christine makes breakfast while Grace watches a seal; they express desire to live off grid long-term. They travel to a blue ice glacier, over frozen sea ice.

Food Pioneer (02:04)

Ben starts new seeds. His greenhouse is due in two weeks and he plans to erect it outside the growing lab. He is determined to provide Svalbard with locally grown produce and prevent packaging waste.

Off-Grid Lifestyle (03:21)

Christine and Grace spend their last evening at the remote cabin looking at the stars and discussing their experience. They express appreciation for their opportunities. See a preview of the next episode.

Credits: On Thin Ice (00:35)

Credits: On Thin Ice

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Christine and Grace face their biggest test to date as they head to remote cabin in the wilderness. On the way, they cross a frozen sea on thin ice, and come across a cabin vandalized by bears, a stark warning of the perils they must overcome if they are to survive off grid. Ben wrestles to recover after toxic smoke from a fire ruins his permaculture business. Wiggo scares tourists with his grizzly tales of the death and dangers of living on the edge of the world, and Mark reports on one of the island's most mysterious hidden buildings known by some as the Doomsday vault.

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