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Greek Myths - True Stories

The Series Includes : Greek Myths - True Stories: Episode 1 | Greek Myths - True Stories: Episode 2
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The plots of Greek myths - from Hercules to Oedipus, Adonis to Atlas - have leaked into our lives, providing inspiration for artists from Botticelli to Goya and sources for stories from Hamlet to Happy Days. In this film, Robin Lane Fox uncovers the truth behind Greek myths and gods, revealing the stories, people, journeys and topography that provided the source material. Robin believes that men from the island of Euboea, east of the Greek mainland, travelled through the Mediterranean over an 80-year spell between 870-790 BCE. During this time, they interpreted the landscape they saw using stories they learned from the people they met along the way. Retracing their route, Robin offers a rich and exciting reading of the first Greek texts and a wonderful journey through the landscape and mindscape of 8th century BCE.

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