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Digital Art in Nature (03:17)


Art collective teamLab uses software, sensors, networks, light, and sound to create an exhibit in Mifuneyama Rakuen Park. It reflects the Shinto belief that everything has a spirit. Toshiyuki Inoko discusses the exhibit's interactive aspect.

Limex (01:52)

TBM CEO Nobuyoshi Yamasaki has developed a material he believes will replace paper and plastic. It contains limestone powder and polymer, and requires no water in the production process. He also wants to create industries and employment.

Agricultural Innovation (03:29)

The 2011 tsunami caused the soil in Miyagi Province to become saline. IT entrepreneur Hiroki Iwasa has revived strawberry farming by using software to control greenhouse environmental conditions, allowing farmers to focus on finessing cultivation. Yields have been profitable.

Soil Free Farming (02:50)

Dr. Yuichi Mori uses a hydrogel membrane, used in human dialysis, to filter out germs and viruses and allow plants to develop ultra-fine roots, increasing nutritional content. The agricultural technology uses 90% less water than traditional tomato production.

EV Supercar (02:29)

Japanese auto maker GLM is developing the "Ferrari" of electric vehicles. President Hiroyasu Koma compares GLM's business model to Google; they use small-scale production to create new technologies that can be sold to other manufacturers.

Japanese Auto Innovations (03:10)

Honda is developing AI to improve driver experience, Mazda is reinventing the combustion engine, and Nissan is developing an autonomous vehicle. Engineer Tetsuya Ijima says it will improve traffic conditions; sensors have a 300 millimeter accuracy range.

Toto Toilets (04:34)

Japan's automation technologies increase daily efficiency. The Toto company museum chronicles how Western style toilets have evolved. Recent innovations include electrolyzed anti-bacterial water and water efficiency measures. Future goals include lowering cost and improving design.

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