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Health & Wellness (04:54)


Giuseppe Riva drinks a smoothie before commuting to work; he describes his work schedule. Sitting can negatively affect health; hear health tips. Dr. Ted Johnson discusses quality of life and overall longevity.

Lifespan (03:44)

Italians have a higher life expectancy than Americans; see the highest and lowest rankings. Riva describes his lifestyle change when moving to the U.S. and his current health. Hear tips for improving health.

Life Expectancy Factors (06:08)

Riva, his wife, and friends ride bicycles; stay close to nature. Exercise is a key factor in longevity, but a sense of meaningfulness has measurable outcomes. Prof. Lyle Ungar inputs Riva's information into the life expectancy calculator.

Social Life (04:25)

Entertaining friends and family, when time permits, is important to Riva and his wife. Relationships affect life expectancy; happy people appear to live longer.

Age Range Calculations (02:43)

What we do in our early years impacts the later years of our lives. Riva learns the results of his life expectancy calculations; exercise is a key factor. Hear tips for longevity.

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Giuseppe Riva, 47, was born and raised in Italy before moving to America two decades ago. Since then, he's noticed a decline in the quality of his diet, the frequency of his exercise, and the overall state of his health. Combined with a relentless travel schedule that includes international trips, Giuseppe opens up to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his desire to make a change. Using a life expectancy calculator powered by data scientists at the University of Pennsylvania, Giuseppe will learn his current life expectancy, and the ways in which he can improve it. Along the way, we'll all learn the tips and tricks that can improve not just the length of our lives, but the quality of those years.

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