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Going Green: Part 1

Item #: 187440

Going Green: Part 2

Item #: 187441

Going Green: Part 3

Item #: 187442

Going Green: Part 4

Item #: 210470

Going Green: Part 5

Item #: 210471

Going Green: Part 6

Item #: 210472

Going Green: Part 7

Item #: 210473

Going Green: Part 8

Item #: 210474

Going Green: Part 9

Item #: 210475

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Planet Earth is a wonder to behold: beautiful, fascinating, life-sustaining -- but also, increasingly, under threat. All over the globe, people are innovating sustainable solutions to help our world. From the forests of Kenya, to the deserts of Dubai; from plastics to produce, and saving ocean life -- meet five incredible people sharing their stories of Going Green.

Length: 90 minutes

Item#: BVL187439

ISBN: 978-1-64623-478-3

Copyright date: ©2017

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