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Medical Care in Rural Nepal (08:42)


Only 19% of Nepal’s 29 million citizens live in urban areas, and the country’s rugged terrain makes it difficult to reach patients in remote villages. Plastic surgeons Shankar Rai and David Shaye provide their services for free to the country’s rural poor.

Surgery for Sandesh (06:47)

Dr. Rai and Dr. Shaye prepare for a full day of operations at a surgery camp in Pokhara, Nepal. Lalita Kunwar is grateful to get treatment for her son, who has a cleft palate. One in 500 Nepalese children are born with this deformity.

Dr. Rai's Mission (05:51)

Dr. Rai gives Dr. Shaye a tour of the Nepal Cleft & Burn Center, which he runs. The center has provided more than 25,000 free surgeries for poor patients. About 56,000 citizens suffer burn injuries each year in Nepal, but many who live in remote areas rely on shamans and faith healers.

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Reaching Nepal's Unreachable

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Lalita Kunwar, 26, is hours from home. She walked to Burtibang, Nepal with her 3-year-old son, Sandesh, in one arm and a bag of their belongings in the other. For Sandesh, this might be his only chance to receive an operation that will shape the rest of his life. Journey to Nepal, one of the most beautiful yet geographically-challenging countries in the world, to meet a doctor bringing medical care to those in Nepal who might otherwise never receive it.

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