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Flying Eye Hospital Mission (07:43)


“Vital Signs” visits the Flying Eye Hospital, a DC-10 aircraft that has been converted into a mobile teaching hospital. In Cameroon, the non-profit group Orbis International uses it to provide a wide range of ocular medical services, ranging from glaucoma screenings to surgery.

Teaching Hospital (09:19)

Plastic surgeon Thomas Johnson discusses collaborating with the Flying Eye Hospital, and he repairs the orbital bone of a local man who has been involved in a scooter accident. Doctors demonstrate an array of procedures to teach local doctors how to treat more types of patients.

Flying Eye Logistics (04:50)

The Flying Eye Hospital contains its own unit for sterilizing equipment, can produce its own medical gases and runs on its own power generators. Translators help the crew, which represents 19 nationalities, communicate. Dr. Annette Giangiacomo treats a local man who suffers from glaucoma.

Credits: Flying Eye Hospital (00:10)

Credits: Flying Eye Hospital

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Flying Eye Hospital

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It is a fully-functioning and self-contained hospital, from the operating room to the recovery room; it just happens to have wings. Journey to Yaoundé, Cameroon with the Flying Eye Hospital for a look at how this revolutionary clinic is treating eye disease around the world.

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