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Introduction: Age of Consent (02:06)


Zachary Newman is funny, athletic, and could become a felon. Experts estimate that a quarter of the individuals listed on the national sex offender registry committed crimes as a minor. Lisa Ling will examine the controversy behind young people facing sex crime convictions. (Credits)

Registered Sex Offender (03:56)

Blake cannot attend movie theaters because of his conviction. He describes sending pictures of his genitals to a girl.

Adolescence (04:49)

Approximately 70% of high school students possess smartphones. Teenagers take and send illicit photos of each other. Blake's parents describe his conviction for distributing child pornography.

Juvenile Sex Offender Registry (03:56)

Sex offenders are considered pariahs in society. Restrictions include no internet in the home, no visiting malls, no movie theaters, no leaving city limits, and constant supervision.

Rehabilitation (01:49)

Blake must pass a series of polygraphs to be removed from the juvenile national sex offender registry. Jade Rosenfeldt describes how the system is flawed. The judge declines to speak with Lisa Ling.

Second Degree Sexual Assault (05:10)

Newman faces a felony conviction for having sex with a freshman. He could receive up to 40 years in prison and be added to the national sex offender registry. An individual is considered an adult in the state of Wisconsin after turning seventeen.

Age of Criminality (02:47)

Approximately 50% of high school students are sexually active. A victim describes how her parents are disappointed in her and how she felt pressured.

Trial Preparations (05:02)

The state only has to prove sexual intercourse occurred and the victim was under the age of 16 to gain a conviction. Prosecutors argue that Newman pressured the girl into sex. A registered offender cannot attend R-rated movies, have Internet access, or date without a probation officer's permission.

Second Degree Sexual Assault Trial (09:24)

The judge grants cameras in the courtroom. See footage of opening statements, the victim's and Newman's testimony, and concluding arguments.

Trial Verdict (02:55)

A jury member cries after the trial. Newman receives 24 months of probation and treatment for low-risk sex offenders. His name will not be entered on the sex offender registry, but the felony conviction will remain on his record.

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Age of Consent

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In this episode, Lisa explores the legal and social consequences of convicting adolescents and young adults of sex offenses – when does teenage sexuality cross the line and become a crime? 

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