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Introduction: The Patriot Movement (02:59)


Everyday people exercise their right to bear arms. This episode will explore why people join militias. America is politically divided; beliefs define who we are. (Credits)

"Resist the Tyranny" (03:55)

Silverback publishes videos on his YouTube channel, discussing guns, gear, and politics. The Southern Arizona Militia organizes operations out of his suburban home. Training prepares the group for civil unrest, economic collapse, and governmental threats.

White Male Predominance (01:50)

There are 165 militia groups across America. While they are not illegal some are monitored by law enforcement. Boomer will participate in his first intensive training weekend.

Training Session (04:15)

Every weekend the Southern Arizona Militia meets in the desert for 48 hours of weapons testing, survival training, and drills. Some members cover their faces and use nicknames to maintain anonymity.

Safety Is a Priority (05:05)

Boomer finds the Southern Arizona Militia very professional. Militias are important tool, defending against tyranny. Law enforcement officials worry group members can turn into vigilantes.

Last Training Day (03:57)

Ling learns about different pistols and rifles. Silverback does not think an individual should compromise his civil rights as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The Southern Arizona Militia participates in figure eight drills.

Trust and Closeness (01:52)

Boomer did not expect the camaraderie between militia members. Members pack up after training.

Face of the Patriot Movement (06:29)

Federal regulations strangled rancher's livelihoods. People across the country sent Jeanette Finicum gifts celebrating LaVoy Finicum's life. Her husband grew politically active after learning of Cliven Bundy's standoff.

Deadly Standoff (06:57)

Tean Finicum brought her father's weapons to Oregon. Videos captured law enforcement demanding that the group surrender after leaving Mark Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Finicum was shot after resisting arrest.

Patriotic Duty (04:33)

Finicum’s son explains that all cowboys in Arizona have guns. Although Finicum broke the law by not obeying orders, his family does not believe lethal force was necessary. Jeanette filed a wrongful death lawsuit; Tean is part of a new generation of resistance.

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The Patriot Movement

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As the divide between right and left reaches new heights, one group is taking an extreme approach to politics: The Patriot Movement. Lisa embeds with a militia deep in the Arizona desert preparing for threats foreign and domestic and meets the family of a man who became a martyr for the movement.

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