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Troy Carter (07:21)


The founder and CEO of Atom Factory discusses working with Lady Gaga, setbacks, and managing his first client, Eve. He helps unknown artists and entrepreneurs become superstars, including mentoring clients.

Matthew Girling (04:10)

Bonham's employee Tom Lamb explains why bidders pay so much for handwritten Sherlock Holmes drafts. Girling discusses the pressure to succeed in a competitive industry; he has learned to read people.

Marco Chan (02:59)

The Hong Kong hairstylist works with big names in the fashion industry. He books private clients, holds training courses, and has launched a session collection reinterpreting runway trends into lifestyle themes.

Vincent Montocchio (03:27)

Montecchio runs Circus, an advertising company in Mauritius, and is the executive creative director of Publicist Africa Group. He discusses rebranding Pepsi for Mauritius markets and creating brand experiences. See global advertising spending statistics for 2016.

Dare Jennings (04:46)

Jennings is building Deus ex Machina, a business combining his interests in motorcycles, surfboards, fashion, and food. He discusses beginning with Mambo and generating new ideas. Carter sees hit songs as divine gifts; hear his tips for spotting talent.

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Passion to Portfolio: Episode 2

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Managing multi-million dollar businesses and auctioning some of the world’s most exquisite art...working with heavy-hitters like Naomi Campbell, Orlando Bloom and Lady Gaga... these are just some of the skills and talents of the remarkable individuals we profile this month on Passion to Portfolio. Troy Carter is the founder and CEO of the Atom Factory, a talent management company in Los Angeles that’s represented Grammy winners John Legend, Meghan Trainor and Eve, among others. Carter says his mission is to “work with people who are trying to change the world.” He gives us his best business tips for branding and marketing. Also, hear from one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after hairstylists Marco Chan, the head of Bonhams auction house Matthew Girling, and Sydney’s motorbike aficionado Dare Jennings, who’s creatively mixing business with pleasure. Maggie Lake brings you their amazing stories.

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