Titles in this Series

On China: Corruption

Item #: 187351

On China: Fashion and Style

Item #: 187352

On China: Education

Item #: 187353

On China: Urbanization

Item #: 187354

On China: Journalists

Item #: 187355

On China: Tech

Item #: 187356

On China: Outbound Tourism

Item #: 187357

On China: People Power

Item #: 187358

On China: Hong Kong

Item #: 187359

On China: Sport

Item #: 187360

On China: Wine

Item #: 187361

On China: LGBT

Item #: 187362

On China: Occupy Generation

Item #: 187363

On China: Censorship

Item #: 187364

On China: India and China

Item #: 187365

On China: Animal Welfare

Item #: 187366

On China: China's Ultra Rich

Item #: 187367

On China: Spy vs. Spy (U.S./China Relations)

Item #: 187368

On China: Innovation

Item #: 187369

On China: Heritage

Item #: 187370

On China: Dinosaur Discovery

Item #: 187371

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In Hong Kong, CNN's Kristie Lu Stout is joined by thought and business leaders from within China's borders for a discussion on what's really driving this world power and economic giant. The program will engage and inform, leaving you with a completely new perspective "On China".

Length: 630 minutes

Item#: BVL187350

ISBN: 978-1-64623-427-1

Copyright date: ©2013

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