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The Fighters: Introduction (01:36)


Approximately 1 million children are involved in human trafficking worldwide. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda hopes to convince Manny Pacquiao to join the fight against trafficking in the Philippines.

Sex Trafficking (03:53)

Manila's business district is a popular area for trafficking; there are approximately 100,000 children in the illegal industry. "Maria," recruited at age 15, sometimes has to be with 13 customers a day. Men pay a premium for virgins.

Rescue Operations (03:45)

The Coast Guard finds three suspected sex trafficking rings aboard a ship. Flores-Oebanda and her task force question individuals and officials escort a group of traffickers off the boat.

Human Trafficking Awareness (04:11)

Trafficking occurs on every continent; few are aware of the danger. Poverty and pollution are rampant in Manila; Pacquiao understands the plight of the poor.

Center of Hope (03:56)

Flores-Oebanda shares information learned from recently rescued trafficking victims. At a local shelter, girls ranging in age from 9-20 play behind locked gates. The Visayan Forum struggles to provide essentials and training.

Young Trafficking Victims (07:11)

Three girls under the age of 12 share their stories of sex trafficking. Flores-Oebanda discusses physical reactions to psychological wounds. The girls express negative opinions of Americans.

Visayan Forum (04:49)

Pacquiao visits trafficking victims. A girl shares her story of domestic servitude. Pacquiao discusses his childhood and promises to help.

Victimization and Committee Meeting (06:35)

The Philippines is the largest Catholic nation in Asia and has the highest birth rate. Job disparity creates a thriving environment for traffickers. Committee members debate contraception. Flores-Oebanda promotes a bill to improve anti-trafficking laws; Pacquiao is absent.

Legal Hearing (02:45)

Flores-Oebanda and social workers accompany the victims rescued from the ship; the traffickers enter to hear the charges. Flores-Oebanda reflects on continuing to fight against slavery.

Poverty and Trafficking (03:45)

Flores-Oebanda cites the need for Pacquiao's support. Nearly half of the Philippine population lives in poverty and many people travel abroad in search of work; traffickers prey on the destitute. Philippine women rescued from Syria share their trafficking stories.

Trafficking Raid (07:05)

Flores-Oebanda and social workers accompany officials on a rescue mission and speak with victims; the trafficker is not cooperative. A confiscated cellphone provides evidence. At headquarters, media members surround the victim and suspect.

Congressional Speech (09:19)

Flores-Oebanda and her team prepare to propose amendments to trafficking laws and await Pacquiao's arrival. Distractions make it difficult for Flores-Oebanda and Pacquiao to review the speech. Pacquiao speaks before Congress.

Fraud Accusations (09:52)

The U.S. embassy files falsification charges against Visayan Forum. Renoir Baldovino believes Flores-Oebanda siphoned money for personal use; bank records suggest otherwise. Gloria Steele says USAID will continue to support Filipino groups. Flores-Oebanda is disheartened.

Professional Struggles (02:39)

In 2012, Pacquiao's boxing career becomes uncertain and fraud accusations hurt the Visayan Forum's reputation. Flores-Oebanda speaks to a small group of students.

Visayan Forum Troubles (07:23)

Over 80% of the staff has left since the start of the controversy and the Center of Hope is in danger of closing; Pacquiao continues to support Flores-Oebanda. Flores-Oebanda sues the auditor and former bookkeeper. See an update on program participants.

Credits: The Fighters: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary (00:17)

Credits: The Fighters: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary

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The Fighters: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary

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How one woman won over boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao in her fight to beat sex trafficking in the Philippines, only to be hit by a fresh blow at the height of success.

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