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Winnipeg Community Outreach (04:42)


Debbie Cumby and Detective Kirt Chapko offer support to women on the streets; most are indigenous minorities. Officials acknowledge the impact of bias and racism on understanding indigenous vulnerability. Tracia's Trust works to combat exploitation and trafficking.

Hands of Mother Earth (03:59)

H.O.M.E. provides support and rehabilitation for victims of sex trafficking. Lauren Chopek reflects on her experience, vulnerability, and healing. Indigenous youth comprise the majority of sex trafficking victims in Manitoba.

Little Sisters (04:18)

Tanay Little recalls her experiences with drugs, exploitation, and healing. Diane Redsky describes the debt bondage between victim and trafficker, and the impact of racism. Mae Louise Campbell leads a traditional sharing circle.

Predators and Convictions (03:04)

In Manitoba, over half of females victimized by sex trafficking are indigenous. There is no specific profile of those who prey on the women. Tracia's Trust utilizes legislation to combat sex trafficking; prosecution is difficult.

Norway House Cree Nation (05:38)

Indigenous communities experience isolation, discrimination, poverty, and vulnerability. Norway House institutes an anti-trafficking education program in schools. Culture and heritage are important to healing.

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Canada's Stolen Daughters

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Many of Canada's indigenous people live in remote, isolated communities—and that makes them prime targets for sex traffickers.

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