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Introduction: Luther Vs. Tome (01:55)


Martin Luther changed the world when he fought against Rome and initiated the Protestant Reformation. Henry VIII rejected the authority of the Pope and established the Church of England.

Luther's Childhood (03:00)

Luther's father Hans worked long hours as a miner and decided to pursue his fortune in Eisleben. A priest baptized Martin the day after he was born. After relocating to Mansfeld, Hans invested in a smelting works.

Luther's Early Education (03:32)

Luther was sent to Eisenach to learn Latin and German. After spending three years at school, he transferred to the University of Erfurt. The town created a museum to celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach's work.

College Education (03:41)

Luther entered the University of Erfurt to become a lawyer. He preached at the Merchant's Church in 1522. Only seven students graduated in his year.

Pursuing Priesthood (04:08)

Luther vowed to become a monk after a lightning bolt struck near his horse. He left the university and entered St. Augustine's Monastery; Hans became furious. The Augustinian order encouraged Luther to continue his religious studies.

Ninety-Five Theses (05:48)

Luther arrived in Wittenberg to teach theology and study for his doctorate. Pope Leo X decided to sell plenary indulgences to fund the rebuilding of St. Peter's Basilica. After composing the 95 Theses, he nailed it to All Saints' Church.

The Fight With Rome (03:45)

Cardinal Thomas Cajetan asked Luther to recant his writings and apologize in Altenburg. Frederick the Wise protected Luther; the Catholic church threatened Luther with heresy allegations and excommunication. At the Diet of Worms, Luther refused to retract his writings.

Wartburg Castle (03:59)

Luther disguised himself as Squire George. Rome placed a death warrant on him because of events at the Diet of Worms. Luther consolidated the German dialects and translated the New Testament from Greek in eleven weeks.

Wittenberg, Germany (03:22)

Luther married Katharina von Bora, a former nun, and the couple had six children. Johannes Bugenhagen was ordained at St. Mary's Cathedral; services were held in German.

Luther's Travels (09:20)

Luther became a patriarch of the Protestant Reformation and visited many cities including Leipzig, Weimar, and Halle. His official seal included a rose, heart, and cross. The Schmalkaldic League was a group of 16 Protestant princes aligned against Catholic opposition.

Luther's Last Days (04:36)

The Count of Mansfeld summoned Luther to help with disputes. He preached anti-Semitic rhetoric in Eisleben. Luther lost consciousness after professing his faith and love of God.

Luther's Legacy (03:56)

The Lutheran Church has spread throughout the globe. The German Reformation changed the political landscape of Europe. Henry VIII created the Church of England.

Credits: Luther Vs. Rome (00:57)

Credits: Luther Vs. Rome

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When Martin Luther nailed his 95 "points for discussion" to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church, his quiet life exploded into international confrontation, an argument with the Pope, and ultimately, the Protestant Reformation. While the religious, social, and political consequences have been much discussed, this program reveals a fundamentally human story of honesty, faith, and fortitude.

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