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Moldova Convoy (05:37)


Belfast-based charity Romanian Connection receives disturbing photographs from a girl's orphanage in Moldova. Director Karen Kelly asks for donations and volunteers agree to deliver supplies and make improvements.

Moldovan Orphanage (03:46)

Most of the girls are mentally or physically disabled and seem apprehensive of the volunteers. Many rooms do not have heat and children are left unsupervised in filthy conditions.

Delivering Donations (01:59)

The volunteers begin to unload boxes, but the director insists on making an inventory before any distribution; they place everything, including fresh food, in a store room. The girls receive little food in small rooms with few chairs and no light or heat.

Work at the Orphanage Begins (03:47)

Many volunteers are emotionally affected by the conditions at the orphanage. An electrician attempts to fix the wiring to restore heat and power. The volunteers work to refurbish the playroom.

Orphanage Staff (05:49)

The children do not receive any of the donated food. Volunteers hear the donations are sold at the market and some of the staff is involved. The staff is initially reluctant to speak to volunteers because the director told the staff false information.

Tensions at the Orphanage (02:55)

The volunteers confront the director as temperatures drop below zero. They are careful not to upset the director too much, so they can continue helping the children. The volunteers burn urine-soaked mattresses and old clothes to force the director to distribute the donations.

Progress at the Orphanage (05:20)

The director releases the mattresses and clothing. He and the accountant begin making an inventory of the donations. Kelly contacts government officials about the conditions at the orphanage, who come to inspect it.

Volunteer's Last Day (04:05)

A government inspection forces the opening of the store room and staff prepare a full meal. The heating system is complete and the toys in the store room are assembled. The volunteers plan to return.

Moldova Orphanage, a Year Later (05:10)

The volunteers return to check on conditions and see whether the director was dismissed. Conditions for the sickest children are the same, but other rooms have been kept in good conditions. The director remains, despite numerous investigations.

Securing Aide (04:44)

Kelly seeks help to find a secure warehouse for any future donations. She and other volunteers meet with the Moldovan government about the orphanage. The director is finally removed, and Kelly plans another convoy.

Credits: Correspondent: Convoy to Moldova (00:39)

Credits: Correspondent: Convoy to Moldova

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Correspondent: Convoy To Moldova

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Karen Kelly, a charity-leader from Northern Ireland, raised about 10 millons pounds of aid and drove it to a Moldovan orphanage. This program reveals what she found on arrival. The children were all girls, many with serious illnesses, living in shocking conditions. From day one bureacracy hampers the aid effort - the orphanage director won't let any of the aid be put to use until an exhaustive inventory has been taken. The workers discover unused aid stockpiled in other storerooms in the orphanage. The program finishes with an update one year on.

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