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Lifeblood of the Painting (05:05)


Color is the basis for a sensual language and can tap the imagination. Tricia Gillman teaches painting at Central St. Martin's College of Art and the Rock College of Art. She discusses rituals employed to tap into her creative process.

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery (05:22)

"Como" examines color in hot countries. Subject matter comes from different sources. Gillman discusses her inspirations for specific abstractions in her paintings; color is saturated and brilliant in South Africa.

Color Wheel (03:57)

Secondary colors include green, orange, and violet; tertiary colors are blends of a primary and secondary color. "Sorrento" employs complementary colors juxtaposed. See footage of several illusions to understand color theory.

Stencils (03:06)

Stencils allow Gillman to place sharp edges. A painting is constantly redefined. Oil paint is preferred because of its elasticity and quality of color.

Spectrum Oil Colors (03:15)

Gillman enjoys browsing colors. Brian Rogerson describes his acrylic and oil paints. Gillman blends the color revolution originally explored by Henri Matisse with American abstract art.

Inspirations (04:14)

Gillman describes how Matisse inspired the hot interior of "Pink Place." Other influences in her work include the Fra Angelico Frescoes and "The Tree of Life."

Current Work (02:48)

Gillman decides to scale back the background because it has become too natural. There needs to be more space between each element in "Blue Bog and Water Baby." A painting is completed when the color relationships function.

Credits: The Color Eye: Dynamics of Paint (00:46)

Credits: The Color Eye: Dynamics of Paint

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Color provides the pulse rate of a painting. It is like blood running through. It is a basis for a language which is fundamentally sensual, and I really believe that it is able to tap the imagination and therefore to make contact with strong basic feelings.

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