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Early Winter in Tibet (02:04)


Temperatures fall below freezing and villagers make pilgrimages to atone for wrongs in previous lives. Lhamo cannot cure her ailment and worries she has bad karma. On this episode, everyone prepares for and celebrates Losar.

New Year Preparations (04:38)

Local citizens replace the flagpole with the monks from Pelkor monastery. Villagers attend a local street fair. Jian Zhang helps a friend, Su Wen Shu, prepare an appeal for court.

Generating Income (05:36)

Lhakpa, a rickshaw driver, paints houses during the winter months. He lives in Gyantse with his elderly mother and nephew, Ozer. Zhang mounts a defense for Shu in court, claiming the plaintiff's factory was illegal.

Medical Emergency (03:34)

Ozer's genetic heart defect causes him to faint twice. One in three babies die before their first birthday in Tibet. Dr. Lhamo has stomach pains in Tangmai and must travel to a specialist.

Pelkor Monastery (03:08)

The head monk attempts to organize the painters. Ozer is not getting better and is having complications; heart surgery will cost almost $9,000. Doctors prescribe Dr. Lhamo medicine.

Court Decision (02:13)

The court agrees with Mr. Shu's explanation and reverses the previous ruling. Lhakpa comforts Yangchen when Ozer's condition worsens.

Preparing for Losar (03:37)

Monks make figurines out of yak butter. Zhang decides to travel to Nepal to find a new chef for his hotel. Lhamo's stomach pains continue and she visits a renowned shaman.

Border Travel (04:31)

Zhang qualifies for a Chinese passport to travel internationally. Most people cannot legally leave the country. Lhakpa decides to sell puppies as guard dogs in Gyantse.

Kathmandu, Nepal (04:34)

Tibetan exiles fled to Nepal after the Chinese government seized control. Lhakpa attempts to sell puppies on the streets of Gyantse. Lhamo visits a holy cave that locals believe cure stomach ailments.

Health and Preparations (04:15)

Ozer is discharged from the hospital; 70% of bills can be refunded. Zhang cannot find the contact information of a chef he wants to meet in Kathmandu. The monks at the Pelkor Monastery continue preparations for Losar.

Traveling (04:44)

Lhamo decides to visit therapeutic hot springs to cure her stomach. Zhang makes a pilgrimage to Lumbini. Two of Lhakpa's puppies die.

Losar Celebrations (08:30)

Zhang hands out brochures and purchases items for his hotel. The citizens of Gyantse begin celebrating the new year; the monks raise the new flagpole. Lhamo visits the temple to be blessed.

Credits: A Year in Tibet: Faith, Hope, and Charity (00:31)

Credits: A Year in Tibet: Faith, Hope, and Charity

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A Year in Tibet: Faith, Hope and Charity

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The monks prepare for New Year, one of Tibet's biggest festivals, and a local rickshaw driver struggles to earn money as winter approaches.

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