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Surviving in the Arctic (03:21)


Food Writer Stefan Gates visit Igloolik, a Canadian island inside the Arctic Circle that is the hunting ground of the Inuit people. For 4,000 years, they have hunted sea mammals and caribou to survive. The skin and blubber of whales is a vital source of nutrients.

Igloolik Grocery Store (02:17)

The Inuit were once nomadic and followed the animals they hunted, but settled in villages after the Canadian government began offering services, such as healthcare and housing. Igloolik has a grocery store but the prices are incredibly expensive because everything must be airlifted in.

Inuit Hunting (05:27)

The Inuit rely on hunting for employment and cheaper food options. The Arctic Circle is warming faster than the rest of the planet and it has disrupted the hunting season. Gates accompanies Inuit hunters on a three-day trip.

Indigenous Seal Hunting (05:18)

Though commercial seal hunting is restricted in Canada, the Inuit are exempt as an indigenous group. For many families about 25% of their food comes from hunting. The Inuit were forced to adapt as societal changes has limited the demand for seal meat and skins.

Inuit Hunting and Climate Change (03:25)

Gates and the hunters get trapped by ice, which has begun forming unpredictably because of climate change. They are forced to maneuver the boats through sea ice to make it back to Igloolik.

Pizza Delivery in Igloolik (02:40)

Gates heads to the Tujormivik Hotel, which is the northern most pizza delivery restaurant in the world. Pizzas are delivered by snow mobile. Many Inuit families struggle to keep traditional food and culture alive amid a changing world.

Traditional Meal in Igloolik (05:16)

Gates is invited to have a traditional Inuit meal of igunaq with one of the hunters. Igunaq is raw walrus meat that is buried and left to decompose for a year. It was traditional used as a fallback for Inuit families when hunters were unlucky.

Credits: Cooking In The Danger Zone: Series 2: The Arctic (00:36)

Credits: Cooking In The Danger Zone: Series 2: The Arctic

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Stefan Gates ventures north to the Canadian village of Igloolik, and discovers a people whose existence is threatened by global warming and globalization. It may taste like diesel, but the local delicacy muktuk, raw whale skin, is essential to survival in the most extreme conditions.

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