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Introduction: Doing Business in Brazil (01:38)


This video will use eight sections to examine doing business in Brazil—orientation, history, economy, etiquette, business relationships, communicating, negotiating, and management.

Orientation: Land of Diversity (03:53)

Brazil's unique business style takes time; understanding regionalism is important. The country is home to over 165 million people of significant ethnic diversity; 95% of the population lives on 10% of the land. Regional variations include climate and culture.

History: A Portuguese Island in a Spanish Sea (03:04)

Portugal colonized Brazil in the 1500s. Africans came to the region as slaves and continue to have a strong cultural influence. Brazilian leaders include Dom Pedro I, Getúlio Vargas, and Fernando Collor de Mello; the military has sporadically intervened in government.

Economy: Boom and Bust (06:15)

Brazil's economy is the largest in South America and prone to fast and drastic changes; wild inflation is one of the largest threats. Economic cornerstones include agriculture and manufacturing. The government is heavily involved in business; expediters are beneficial.

Etiquette: Cautious Informality (04:53)

Brazilian business is less formal than other South American countries, but err on the side of formality; punctuality is more relaxed. Attire should be high quality and conservative. Learn tips for greeting associates and meetings; avoid using the OK hand gesture.

Business Relationships: Friendships First (05:39)

Brazilian business is social; personal contacts are important. Learn tips for making contacts, building rapport, and meal etiquette. Topics for discussion include hobbies, sports, travel, family, and sight seeing.

Communicating: A Taste for Passion (04:21)

Long-term visitors to Brazil should have a working understanding of Portuguese; translate important documents into Portuguese. Communication tends to be physical, passionate, and diplomatic; family is important. Business success can be challenging for women.

Negotiating: Lively Discussions (04:19)

Completing a business deal in Brazil can take time and patience is important; avoid a hard sell approach. Negotiating tactics include identifying the decision maker, using high impact visual aids, and choosing charming and eloquent team members; a lack of conflict does not mean agreement.

Management: Sensitive Paternalism (04:22)

Lower level workers in Brazil often lack education; family needs come first. The management style is authoritarian and manager loyalty inspires motivation. Brazilians have a strong sense of pride; accurate feedback and criticism can be a challenge.

Credits: Doing Business in Brazil (01:12)

Credits: Doing Business in Brazil

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To compete in South America's largest market, you need proper training; failure to prepare can lead to damaged relationships and lost business. This program examines business culture in Brazil using case studies and role plays. It highlight how the people are outgoing and physical and how they celebrate—rather than litigate—gender differences. It shows how in Brazil professional culture, a more casual attitude dictates much of what does—and doesn't—get done. The program teaches how to accomplish business objectives in this culture, and how to persuade and motivate, whether in the boardroom or on the assembly line.

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