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Ronald's Story (04:35)


Retired gastroenterologist Ronald Eckert had multiple tumors removed from his scalp; they eventually spread to his lungs and liver as stage 4 melanoma. In 2012, the prognosis was less than a year. Dr. Elizabeth Guancial explains how melanoma metastasizes.

Participating in Clinical Trials (06:24)

Learn about experimental therapy studies in oncology. Ronald discusses his decision to participate in a Phase 1 trial with PDL-1 inhibitors. His wife Donna reflects on providing emotional support.

Medical Innovations: LED Light Research (01:51)

Immunotherapy activates the immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells. Researchers are using LED light to help T cells genetically modified with light-sensing green algae molecules to "see" tumors.

Understanding Immunotherapy (04:50)

Ronald received a PDL-1 infusion during a clinical trial with no side effects. Guancial explains how program death receptor-1 helps immune cells recognize cancer cells. As we age, cancer cells devise ways to bypass the immune system and tumors develop.

Immunotherapy Success (02:50)

Within a few months of infusions, Ronald's metastatic melanoma tumors had disappeared; he has been cancer-free for four years. PDL-1 inhibitors have been approved.

Immunotherapy Indications (02:58)

Once drugs are FDA approved, they are available nationally. Immune therapy may soon be used for non-metastatic cancers and other diseases. Ronald is glad he decided to participate in a clinical trial.

Advice for Advanced Cancer Patients (01:13)

Ronald recommends seeing oncologists that are up-to-date with the latest treatments and seeking second opinions.

Credits: Immunotherapy—Second Opinion (01:17)

Credits: Immunotherapy—Second Opinion

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Despite an initial prognosis of only six to eight months to live, Ronald Eckert, MD, is thriving after undergoing a new immunotherapy treatment for stage 4 melanoma. Four years after the treatment, he feels he is cured and shares his story. Medical experts discuss the groundbreaking immunotherapy research and the treatments being discovered each day in the area of cancer—treatments that will change the way we look at cancer.

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