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Parent with Dementia (05:56)


Joanne Mee DeHond describes her mother's behavioral changes that led to her Alzheimer's diagnosis. After a decade, her father became ill and her mother was unable to care for him. Stressors can increase decline rates and reveal spousal compensation.

Diagnosing Alzheimer's (02:13)

Doctors Jason Karlawish and Mark Mapstone explain that several conditions can cause dementia, and must be ruled out. Learn about Alzheimer's pathology and symptoms.

Managing Alzheimer's (03:51)

Joanne's mother entered a memory care facility when her father required long term hospitalization. Following advice, she played along with her mother's alternate reality. She died two years later; Karlawish discusses her delayed diagnosis and Mapstone elaborates on anosognosia.

Myth or Medicine (02:00)

Dr. Roger Oskvig explains that flu shots do not risk Alzheimer's disease risk. Aluminum association is also unfounded.

Second Opinion (03:01)

Karlawish and Mapstone talk about the importance of psychological support for newly diagnosed Alzheimer's patients and educating family members. The disease is incurable. Joanne's risk is higher, since her mother had it.

Early Diagnosis (05:04)

Karlawish and Mapstone discuss how an early diagnostic test for Alzheimer's will help researchers develop a cure. Clinical trials are currently validating whether the test accurately measures the disease. Treatment includes patient and family education, symptomatic treatment, and regular follow-ups.

Second Opinion 5 (02:08)

Dr. Anton Porsteinsson shares five warning signs of dementia.

Credits: Advances in Alzheimers Treatment—Second Opinion (01:15)

Credits: Advances in Alzheimers Treatment—Second Opinion

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Advances in Alzheimers Treatment—Second Opinion

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Recent medical studies have raised the possibility that a blood test can predict the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. We meet Joanne Mee DeHond, who shares her struggles caring for a mother with Alzheimer’s and dealing with the lingering questions regarding her mother’s care, as well as her own health. We also answer whether a flu vaccine can increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and share five ways you can tell whether forgetfulness is due to normal aging or whether these are early signs of dementia.

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