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Fog Catcher Technology (04:49)


An agricultural community in Chile uses nets to convert fog to water for irrigation. One entrepreneur is producing an award winning beer from the yield.

Econundrum (01:33)

There will be more plastic than fish in the ocean in 2050. It takes three liters of water to produce one liter of bottled water. Consumers should drink tap water where it is safe to do so.

Morocco Fog Catchers (02:34)

Dr. Jamila Bargach distinguishes the Dar Si Mmad project from Chilean fog catchers. New technology yields 22 liters of water per square meter of net—currently servicing 500 people and saving time in drawing household water from wells.

Sustainable Christmas Trees (01:37)

Sophie Neuburg from Friends of the Earth recommends sourcing trees from local, well-managed forests. Other alternatives include long lasting plastic trees or potted plants.

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Fog Catchers

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Imagine if you could make water out of thin air - well, it turns out you can! In some of the driest places on earth, including in the deserts of Chile and Morocco, fog catchers are at work. Large nets are strung out in high, foggy areas, capturing water for local household consumption and crop irrigation. Fog catching technology will help to address the global sustainability challenge of water scarcity.

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