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Motion Capture History (02:01)


In 1882, Etienne-Jules Marey developed Chrono Photography. William Dickson invented the Kinetoscope in 1893. August Musger created slow motion in 1904.

Vicon (03:52)

Derek Potter uses a strobe ring to reflect infrared light at specific frequencies; it accurately captures three dimensional movement with multiple cameras. The technology has artistic and medical applications.

Ealing Studios (05:35)

Andy Serkis describes his experience working with advanced motion capture technology. Nick Glass demonstrates the technology in a mock film audition.

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Motion Capture Technology

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Motion capture technology is revolutionizing myriad industries from entertainment to education, but its biggest impact has been in the movie industry and healthcare. We meet a pioneer of motion capture in the movies, Andy Serkis. The star of The Lord of The Rings and the Planet of the Apes refresh teaches Nick how the technology works and how to become a motion capture star. We then see how the same technology is helping doctors better map the body's movements and helping the injured and disabled return to a normal life.

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