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Bio-mimicry History (01:41)


Paul Langevin invented dolphin inspired sonar in 1915; George De Mestral observed the cocklebur plant to develop Velcro in 1955. The Shinkansen train's aerodynamic nose mirrors the King Fisher's; the Sharklets hygienic coating debuted in 2007. Sea bird wings influenced Airbus design.

Biological Lighting (04:08)

Sandra Rey develops bioluminescent material from bacteria found in squid; see the product on a bus in Paris. She aspires to apply the technology on a large scale.

Flocking Technology (04:55)

Various species display murmuration; Sabine Hauert uses the inspiration to design robots and nanoparticles. Hauert uses Kilobots as a proxy for nanoparticle interactions.

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When it comes to design, Mother Nature is hard to beat and as they say, if you can't beat them, join them. We meet a group of scientists using the bioluminescent properties of a species of algae to provide emission and cost-free power—we join them as they try to light up Paris, the City of Light. We then meet a scientist using the swarm behavior of bees, ants and birds to help devise treatments for cancer, using nanoparticles to launch attacks on tumours inside the body.

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